Tennis Betting Odds Comparison

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 Czech Republic
Liberec Challenger Men (clay) (8)Liberec Challenger Men Doubles (clay) (6)
ITF M15 Frederiksberg Men (clay) (8)ITF M15 Frederiksberg Men Doubles (clay) (3)
ITF W15 Frederiksberg Women (clay) (8)ITF W15 Frederiksberg Women Doubles (clay) (2)
ITF M25 Guayaquil Men (clay) (5)ITF M25 Guayaquil Men Doubles (clay) (1)
ITF M15 Cairo 11 Men (clay) (16)ITF W15 Cairo 11 Women (clay) (16)
ITF M15 Parnu Men (clay) (16)ITF W25 Parnu Women (clay) (15)
ITF M15 Telavi Men (clay) (8)ITF M15 Telavi Men Doubles (clay) (4)
ITF M25 Wetzlar Men (clay) (13)ITF M25 Wetzlar Men Doubles (clay) (7)
ITF M25 Bolzano Men (clay) (10)ITF M25 Bolzano Men Doubles (clay) (7)
ITF W25 Pescara Women (clay) (10)ITF W25 Pescara Women Doubles (clay) (2)
Cordenons Challenger Men (clay) (8)Cordenons Challenger Men Doubles (clay) (7)
ITF M25 Grodzisk Mazowiecki Men (clay) (10)ITF M25 Grodzisk Mazowiecki Men Doubles (clay) (2)
ITF W25 Bydgoszcz Women (clay) (13)ITF W25 Bydgoszcz Women Doubles (clay) (2)
ITF M25 Pitesti Men (clay) (11)ITF M25 Pitesti Men Doubles (clay) (3)
WTA Cluj-Napoca (clay) (8)WTA Cluj-Napoca Doubles (clay) (6)
ITF M15 Novi Sad 2 Men (clay) (13)ITF M15 Novi Sad 2 Men Doubles (clay) (1)
ITF M15 Xativa Men (clay) (13)ITF M15 Xativa Men Doubles (clay) (4)
ITF M15 Monastir 31 Men (hard) (16)ITF W15 Monastir 31 Women (hard) (15)
Concord Challenger Women (hard) (8)Concord Challenger Women Doubles (hard) (6)
ITF M25 Decatur, IL Men (hard) (16)ITF M25 Decatur, IL Men Doubles (hard) (3)
WTA San Jose (hard) (10)WTA San Jose Doubles (hard) (5)
ATP Washington (hard) (13)ATP Washington Doubles (hard) (5)