FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Can I deposit money and bet on OddsPortal.com?
No. We do not provide bookmaking services and do not operate with money. We provide odds comparison services and features for bettors.

How many bookmakers' odds do you process?
We process odds from about 60+ global bookmakers and 20+ local bookmakers.

What is the difference between global and local bookmakers?
Global bookmakers have bettors from most countries. Local bookmakers only have bettors from one specific country.

Why compare betting odds?
By comparing betting odds from various bookmakers, punters increase their winnings by approximately 10-15%. And we aren't talking about a one-off bet but an annual profit. Read more about odds comparison benefits in the following article: www.oddsportal.com/news/benefits-of-odds-comparison-10/

What is sure betting (arbing)?
Arbing, also generally known as "sure betting" involves comparing betting odds from various bookmakers and then seeing whether those selected betting odds can generate a profit or not. If they can, all you need to do is place a bet across all outcomes with best odds offered by different bookmakers and wait for the result to claim your profit. Read more about arbing: www.oddsportal.com/news/sure-betting-risks-explained-16/

Why should I register on a betting odds comparison site OddsPortal.com?
With a user account the visitor experience is even better. You can customize your favourite bookmakers, choose your preferred sports, betting market type, odds format and time zone. You can set your own betting exchanges' commissions and organise your favourite leagues and competitions. You can also predict matches, use Community or OddsAlert.

Can be premium bookmakers removed?
No, premium bookmakers cannot be removed; they are necessary part of our site.

Why are some odds red highlighted?
Red odds signal that one-click betting is available. All you need to do is click on red highlighted odds to get linked to the bookmaker's betting slip and place your bet.

Can I rate bookmakers?
Yes you can rate and participate in our bookmakers rating. It's simple to rate the bookmakers. Just go to any bookmaker info page where you can see 'My rating' as part of the bookmakers' header. Add or remove stars there.

Is possible to receive results of My Coupon by email?
Yes. Add your bets to My Coupon and select the "Results by email" option. Coupon results will be emailed to you as soon as your coupon has been settled.

Do you provide any Widgets or other tools for webmasters?
Yes. If you are a webmaster in need of exciting new widgets or are too busy to keep your website content up-to-date, we can manage it all for you. The service is free of charge and its configuration won't take more than five minutes of your time. We offer you Next Matches, Sure Bets and Dropping Odds.

What is the Community section?
Community is a social place where you can share your predictions with other users and follow successful bettors. For more about Community, please read this article: www.oddsportal.com/news/community-faq-36/

What does B's mean?
B's signalizes the number of bookmakers offering odds for a specific match.

What is payout and how is payout calculated?
Payout is basically a bookmaker's margin. For example, if you bet €100 on outcomes with 95% payout, you will get back €95 from each bet on average; €5 is the bookmaker's profit. On bigger payouts, bookmakers operate with lower margins and higher odds.

What does the number in brackets under betting exchanges odds mean?
This number is amount of € which you can bet on offered odds.

What is OddsAlert?
OddsAlert notifies you about odds changes. You can set OddsAlert under the list of bookmakers across all match details. Just click on OddsAlert and set desired odds value. You can set your odds value for each match and for all odds types we cover on OddsPortal.com. Set the odds value for one or more outcomes and receive an email notification once the odds have reached or exceeded the value which you set.

How often are odds updated?
All match pages and their betting odds are updated every 15 seconds, and that is without you needing to click the 'refresh' button.

What does the colored stripe in match detail mean?
The colored stripe indicates how fresh the odds are. The Green stripe indicates that odds have been updated within the last 10 minutes. The Red stripe indicates older odds (updated between 10 and 60 minutes). Black stripe indicates old odds - updated more than an hour ago.

How fast are In-Play Odds updated?
It depends on the bookmaker but in general In-Play odds are updated very fast. There is, on average, a delay of only a few seconds.

How are Value Bets calculated?
For Value Bets, we need to calculate three variables - payout, probability and value:

1) Payout: payout = 1/(1/odds1 + 1/odds2 + 1/odds3)

2) Probability: 1/odds * payout. We calculate probability for each bookmaker and average probability from all bookmakers. This is the value which we display.

3) Value: the biggest odds / average odds

Finally, if the value is bigger than 1.2, we list this match in the Value Bets section.

What does ROI mean?
ROI = Return On Investment. It represents percentage return on staked finances. We calculate ROI for each user who makes predictions. You can see how successful the bettor is and you can follow the most successful bettors and bet their predictions.

Blocked Odds?
List of matches which are no longer accepted by bookmakers because they were recently removed from bookmakers' offers.

Hot Matches?
List of the most popular and most attractive matches for the day.

Best Handicaps?
Comparison between usual handicap and an actual handicap. As soon as a usual handicap differs from its expected standard zone, the Best Handicaps tool examines it and displays it under the Handicap Tab.

Moving Margins?
These are events where the handicap margin moved but odds remain unchanged or their change is not significant and handicap margins are in the usual range throughout the market.

Do you store old results and old odds?
Yes. All old matches and odds are stored in our Archive.

Do you provide sports tables and standings?
Yes. For each competition we display standings. You can find the Standings tab on the competition's page or on our standings page: www.oddsportal.com/standings/