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Share Your Betting Selections

01 Jun 2010 | New Features

Share your betting coupon with others! All you need to do is save the coupon you created on OddsPortal to make it publicly available and tell others about it. You can send it to your Facebook and/or Twitter accounts or simply copy your Public Coupon's URL and forward it to your friends and colleagues. See an example here: http://www.oddsportal.com/public-coupon/hYbKGADm/

Public Coupon

All Public Coupons are archived and you can always come back to share one. On the other hand if you feel some aren't worth keeping/archiving simply delete those. On top of this, we indicate if your multibet has won, lost or is still pending.

The Public Coupon always contains Tracked odds tab serving to present odds valid at the moment of coupon creation. Use Current odds tab if you want to compare the latest betting odds available.

This new feature is free to use for registered users only. So if you still don't have an account with OddsPortal.com do register here:

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