Community FAQ

07 Jun 2012 | Articles

1) What is it Community?
Community is a new place on OddsPortal where you can share your predicitons with other users. All users with some predictions are listed here. You can follow them and see all their posted picks. Edit your profile and share your picks with other users.

2) How can I predict?
To add a prediction, simply click on the "predict" button or percentage bar. It is located down in match details.

3) I can't see any predictions in "Users You're Following" section.
That is because you have not selected any users to follow. To follow users, please visit Top Users section and click on "Follow" button in user detail.

4) Why Should I predict?
It is a great opportunity how to get proofed betting balance that cannot be falsified. Thanks to proofed history you will be able to find new betting friends within the community.

5) Can I trust the statistics?
Absolutely. These statistics cannot be falsified and all betting history is proofed.

6) How can I follow users?
To follow users please visit Top Users page and click on "Follow" button in user detail.

7) What it means Private profile?
If you set your profile as "Private", your predictions are invisible for all users and your profile cannot be followed. Just for your information - the default user profile is private.

8) What is a Public profile?
If you set your profile as "Public", all users can see your profile and your predictions. They can also follow you if they wish to do so. 

9) Where can I see the picks of users I am currently following?
You may find the picks under the odds of specific match in "Users You're Following" section. They are marked as "PICK".

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