Primera B Standings

Promotion - Primera B (Play Offs: Final)

If teams finish on equal points at the end of the season, score difference will be the tie-breaker.

About Primera B Metropolitana

The Primera B Metropolitana is one of two leagues that form the regionalized third level of the Argentine Football Association (AFA) football league system. The other league at level three is the Torneo Argentino A.

Primera B is made up of 22 clubs mainly from the city of Buenos Aires and its metropolitan area.

Primera B Metropolitana is currently organized into two league tournaments, the Apertura (opening) and the Clausura (closing). Each team plays every other team once in the Apertura, and then once again at the reverse venue in the Clausura.

The winners of the two league titles are recognized as champions. However, the overall championship is decided with an end of season playoff. The overall champion is promoted to Primera B Nacional. The teams finishing 2nd to 9th enter a playoff series to determine which team will play a promotion/relegation playoff against the Primera B Nacional metropolitan team with the 2nd worst points aggregate in a promotion/relegation playoff.

The team with the lowest aggregate points total in Primera B Metropolitana is relegated to Primera C Metropolitana. The team with the 2nd worst aggregate points total must play a promotion/relegation playoff with the winner of the Primera C Metropolitana playoff series.

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