Bonus Offers Clarification & Explanation

23 Oct 2009 | Articles

Nearly all online bookmakers offer bonus offers or free bets when you open an account.  This is as a ‘thank you’ for registering with a certain bookmaker. Bonus Offers vary from partner to partner. They always require some conditions such as minimum stake or deposit.


It is important to be aware of bookmakers’ terms & conditions as those vary. Terms not only differ from partner to partner, some bookmakers may have more than one offer where both offers will be under different conditions. Therefore please make sure you are aware of all terms regarding a bonus offer before you place a bet, even before you make your qualifying deposit.


There are two basic types of bonus offers – Sign Up offer for new customers and regular free bet or bonus offers for both existing and new customers. Sign up offers are to welcome new players with bookmakers ensuring the offer is rather rewarding to make sure new potential player won’t use competitors’ sites. Generic free  bets & bonus offers for all existing customers is how bookmakers show appreciation to their loyal players.  All bookmakers are keen to make certain their customers stay with them.  And as a devoted customer they might treat you with an offer from time to time. No matter what offer or free bet you may decide to take advantage of, always make sure to read bookmakers’ terms & conditions.


Other rather exciting offer is ‘Free bets’. Basically you receive a complimentary bet if your initial bet loses – in other words place a bet of €’s and if your bet is a losing bet you’ll get a refund (equivalent to your stake).


Some bookmakers offer the ‘Refer-a-friend’ bonus which basically means when you refer a friend to your favourite bookmaker they will give you a ‘thank you’ bonus. Re-deposit bonus (often referred to as Re-up bonus) is another favourite with some bookmakers – simply re-deposit again and your account will be credited.


Some bookmakers have introduced additional restrictions such country restriction (you may only take advantage of a bonus offer when resident of certain country), time restriction (monthly or event specific  offers), one offer per household (only one offer under one IP address allowed), nationality restriction (where you may not be allowed to take certain offer if you are a national of a country), rollover (you need to rollover your deposit or bonus offer a few times – minimum 3 times rollover is standard now) and minimum odds (you will be required to place a bet at odds of 1.6 or greater). All these are restrictions varieties that you need to be aware of before placing a bet.


Visit our Bonus Offer centre to keep track of all betting offers currently available. And if there

is a bonus offer you aren't sure about please do not hesitate to contact We will be more than happy to assist and/or clarify uncertainties.


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