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Los Angeles Clippers - Denver Nuggets117:105--15
Brooklyn Nets - New York Knicks98:109--15
Golden State Warriors - Minnesota Timberwolves130:120--15
Phoenix Suns - Memphis Grizzlies91:97--15
Utah Jazz - Los Angeles Lakers104:119--15
Chicago Bulls - Orlando Magic108:95--15
Houston Rockets - San Antonio Spurs104:98--15
New Orleans Pelicans - Oklahoma City Thunder101:89--15
Atlanta Hawks - Charlotte Bobcats93:95--15
Philadelphia 76ers - Boston Celtics113:108--15
Toronto Raptors - Milwaukee Bucks110:100--15
Washington Wizards - Miami Heat114:93--15
Los Angeles Lakers - Memphis Grizzlies90:102--15
Portland Trail Blazers - Golden State Warriors119:117 OT--15
Sacramento Kings - Minnesota Timberwolves106:103--15
New York Knicks - Chicago Bulls100:89--15
Brooklyn Nets - Orlando Magic97:88--15
Detroit Pistons - Toronto Raptors107:116--15
Indiana Pacers - Oklahoma City Thunder102:97--15
Denver Nuggets - Utah Jazz101:94--15
Dallas Mavericks - Phoenix Suns101:98--15
Houston Rockets - New Orleans Pelicans111:104--15
Atlanta Hawks - Miami Heat98:85--15
Cleveland Cavaliers - Boston Celtics99:111--15
Charlotte Bobcats - Philadelphia 76ers111:105--15
Washington Wizards - Milwaukee Bucks104:91--15
Los Angeles Clippers - Sacramento Kings117:101--15
Los Angeles Lakers - Golden State Warriors95:112--15
Utah Jazz - Portland Trail Blazers99:111--15
Milwaukee Bucks - Cleveland Cavaliers119:116--15
San Antonio Spurs - Phoenix Suns112:104--15
Chicago Bulls - Detroit Pistons106:98--15
Memphis Grizzlies - Philadelphia 76ers117:95--15
Minnesota Timberwolves - Houston Rockets112:110--15
Oklahoma City Thunder - New Orleans Pelicans116:94--15
Boston Celtics - Charlotte Bobcats106:103--15
Brooklyn Nets - Atlanta Hawks88:93--15
Miami Heat - Indiana Pacers98:86--15
Orlando Magic - Washington Wizards86:96--15
Toronto Raptors - New York Knicks100:108--15
Golden State Warriors - Denver Nuggets99:100--15
Dallas Mavericks - San Antonio Spurs100:109--15
Los Angeles Clippers - Oklahoma City Thunder101:107--15
Portland Trail Blazers - Sacramento Kings100:99--15
Denver Nuggets - Houston Rockets123:116--15
Memphis Grizzlies - Miami Heat107:102--15
Milwaukee Bucks - Indiana Pacers102:104--15
Minnesota Timberwolves - Chicago Bulls87:102--15
New Orleans Pelicans - Phoenix Suns88:94--15
Atlanta Hawks - Boston Celtics105:97--15

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