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William Hill Bonus: Detailed Analysis of All William Hill Bonuses & Promotions

James Leeland
Fact checked by: Jim Knight
Last Updated on 20.05.2024

The words ‘free bets’ can be music to a bettor’s ears. There’s nothing as exhilarating as having free bets at your disposal, especially for a small deposit. The William Hill bonus is a good example of a free bet bonus.

In this review, we’re going to be doing a breakdown and playthrough of this bonus. We’ll talk about how you can get your hands on it, what are the terms and conditions attached to it, and if there’s anything else you need to know about before you get started with this bonus. Let’s start with an introduction to the bonus.

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William Hill Sports Bonus
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What is the William Hill Bonus Offer on Signup?

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William Hill betting markets
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This bonus is a free bets bonus, on up to £30 worth of free bets. You have to deposit £10 first, and once you play through that, you get credited three separate £10 bet credits. You have 30 days to play through these credits and both your qualifying bet and your free bets must be on odds of 1.5.

This is a solid free bet bonus, but what we really like about this is the time. You have a whole month to play through your bonus, and being granted that much time is what makes William Hill offers so good.

How Do I Activate And Use This Bonus?

Getting your hands on this bonus is simple but we have put together a step by step guide, which should make claiming all William Hill bonuses easier for you, the player.

  1. Register Your Account To start off, you’ll need to set up a William Hill account. The steps to this are simple, and just require you to put in your basic personal details. There’s no William Hill promo codes; you’ll automatically opt in on sign up. To learn more about the signup process, check out our William Hill review.
  2. Place Your First Wager Now your account is up and running, what you’ll need to do next is place your initial £10 bet. Deposit £10, pick a sport of your choice and place your wager. You’re not limited to any particular sport, so bet on whatever you wish. Make sure the odds are 1.5 or over for this qualifying bet, however. Once that bet settles, you should be ready to receive your bonus.
  3. Play Through Your Bonus You should have your three separate £10 bet credits in your account, and you’re free to do with them as you wish for 30 days. Just keep in mind your minimum odds (1.5), and for the rest you’re completely flexible.

Our Top 5 Tips For Using Your William Hill Bonuses

When you have three free bets, you want to make them count. We’ve compiled our top 5 tips, to help you make the most of these free bets and turn them over into something.

Take Your Time With This Bonus

The best advice we can give when playing through a bonus like this is that you should take your time. William Hill is generous enough to give you a whole month to play through your three free bets bonus. So, why rush to bet on the first three high odds markets you see? Take your time. Scan William Hill, and see where the odds are valuable. Time is on your side, so use it to your advantage.

Experiment On A Market You Haven’t Tried Before

We’re not saying you should just throw away this bet as if it is nothing. This is still £10 of your own money, you should try your best to make it a winner. Still, you’re being credited your free bets, no matter the result of this initial bet. So, try something different. Try out a sport you wouldn’t normally bet on, or a betting market that involves more risk. Test the waters so that you have a better understanding of William Hill as a whole.

Spread Your Bets

You have three separate bet credits with this William Hill offer and you’re not restricted to sport unlike other welcome offers. So, why bet them all on the same sport? Odds can be completely different across different sports, and that is definitely the case with William Hill. For example, we have found that rugby on William Hill is one of the more valuable sports. Save one of those bets for the Six Nations, if you can.

Do Your Research

We’d recommend doing this for every bonus offer you have. You should absolutely research the sports you want to bet on before you bet on them. Every bet you make, even the free bets, should be treated as real money if you want to win with them. So, if you want to bet on rugby, do your research on the international and the club teams. Who are the strong players, how do they play away, what weather conditions favour them. A well researched bet will always help you in the right direction.

Hedge Your Bets If Possible

This is a tougher one to do, but if you’re confident betting on one particular game, hedge your bets. We don’t mean bet either way; this is not allowed in the terms and conditions of the free bet. We mean placing two strategic bets on the same game in a betting market. For example, you could bet on one football team, and for the other team to score. This bet could be likely if the conditions are in place, and if things pan out, you might get more out of your bonus bets.

FAQs About William Hill Offers, and Our Answers

There may be some lingering questions you still have about this bonus. We’ve compiled five FAQs, and answered them ourselves to save the confusion.

❓ When does this bonus expire?

This bonus expires when William Hill decides to withdraw it, but they have a history of letting their offers stand a long time. So, you should have plenty of time to sign up for this bonus.

💲 Are my free bet stakes returned when I win?

Unfortunately, they are not. If you win with any of your free bets, you only get credited with your winnings, not the initial stake.

🏠 Is this bonus eligible if someone in the house has used it?

It is! However, when you sign up to the account, you will need to provide verification to prove you are different from the person who originally claimed the bonus. This involves uploading a picture of either your driving license or your passport.

🧑‍💻 Are William Hill bonus codes needed for this offer?

There is a bonus code, but it will be automatically displayed to you on signup, and inserted into the textbox. You just have to confirm that you want the sportsbook bonus, and not the online casino one.

💳 Can this bonus be withdrawn with any payment method?

Yes, it can be. Any withdrawal method is eligible for your bonus winnings. We’d recommend using an eWallet, as a method like PayPal or Neteller will be able to process your winnings and have them in your account faster than a debit card.

What Other Promotions Are Available On William Hill?

Unfortunately, there is no William Hill VIP Program for sportsbook users. However, there are plenty of William Hill promotions for you to sink your teeth into. There can be a lack of variety in the promotions, as we find most of the William Hill offers are best suited to football. For football, though, we believe William Hill is one of the top betting sites out there.


Let’s take a look at the many special bets and #YourOdds boosters. We enjoy this bonus so much because it allows you, as a player, to almost create your own bonus offer. As long as the odds are on promotions of 3.0 or greater, you can create any single, or multiple bet you like.

Specials Bets

Every day during a major league, like the Premier League, the Champions League or Cheltenham, William Hill holds special offers on all the major games. For example, that special bet might be for Haaland to score and Du Bruyne to get an assist for Manchester City, at boosted odds of 4.5. These kinds of special bets are easily and readily available for sports like football and horse racing, and it won’t be hard to come across them.

Prediction Games and Daily Rewards

William Hill bonuses also tend to centre a lot around prediction games. They host daily prediction games, and if you manage to finish top of the board, they will reward you with £100 worth of free bets.

Their daily rewards system can also lead to further odds boosts on certain games and an increase in special bets across certain sports. With these it’s also possible to win free bets and new bonuses. It’s organised through a ‘scratch of the day’ free to play game. You could also get free spins at the casino, but those will be less useful for those focusing on the sportsbook.

William Hill Sports Bonus

Intro to the Bonus at Hand

William Hill main
Multiple betting options with your bonus
William Hill mobile sports betting
Bet across multiple platforms

The bonus we’re trying is the £30 free bet credits bonus. To activate this bonus, you have to sign up to William Hill, and deposit an initial amount of £10. Once you play through that first bet, you will be able to access three separate £10 free bet credits.

These William Hill sports bonuses seem simple and easy to use on paper. However, we’re going to find out for ourselves how simple it actually is to play through this bonus, and if it lives up to all the hype.

How Does This Sign Up Offer Work in Reality?

First things first, we had to set up an account with William Hill. This did not take us too long, inputting standard information that all sportsbooks will ask for. Once the account was up and running we were automatically opted into this bonus.

In this William Hill test, we deposited the initial £10 through PayPal, and decided to settle on a one sided football game, between Ajax and Aston Villa. Confident they would lose, we placed a deliberate losing bet on Ajax, just so our potential winnings account could only be filled with bonus credits. Within a half hour of the bet being settled, we had three £10 bet credits in the account.

We scrolled around the William Hill platform, and as the terms and conditions stated, there were no real restrictions on what we could place our bets on. We settled on another football game, a women’s game between Manchester City and Chelsea. We placed the other two credits on a horse race in Carlisle, backing a couple of horses. There was no trouble placing these bets, and everything felt smooth.

Withdrawing the Bonus Winnings

The Chelsea match was our only winning bet, turning our £10 credit into £30. We decided to attempt to withdraw our winnings through PayPal, and we didn’t face any issue in the withdrawal process as we were well clear of the £5 minimum withdrawal limit and there are no wagering requirements before being able to withdraw our winnings. The bonus winnings were treated like any winnings, and when it was all said and done, we had my winnings in our account within 24 hours.

To clear up any confusion about other payment methods, we have put together this table below explaining what it is like to withdraw winnings across all payment types.

Payment MethodWithdrawal TimeFees
Debit Card1-3 working days
Bank Transfer3-5 working day
PayPal24 hours
Skrill24 hours
Neteller24 hours
Payz24-48 hours (NOT RECOMMENDED)

You’ll see that not all methods are recommended, which we will explain next.

Red Flags to Avoid When Playing Through This Bonus

The play through of this bonus was as easy as it gets, so we didn’t come across many obstacles. However, we will leave you with a couple of pointers to keep in mind.

  • Dont Try Betting on the Same Betting Market For instance, when we attempted to place two of our bet credits on the same football betting market, William Hill told us we were ineligible, and that any winnings will automatically be void. This is a term that seems to be heavily enforced, so we’d advise following it.
  • Dont Try to Withdraw with Payz Another member of our team testing the William Hill bonuses attempted to withdraw their bonus through Payz. Whether it was some kind of glitch, or if this payment method simply is ineligible, their bonus winnings never came through. They had to contact customer support to regain them. Thus, we would advise to simply stay away from that method for safe measure.

Our Verdict On This Bonus Offer

All considered, this bonus offer lived up to how it said it would. There were no obstacles to us claiming it, and playing through it was plenty of fun. You have all kinds of flexibility to use your £10 bet credits on any sport that you want.

There are a few things you have to be careful of, like using Payz, or placing multiple bets on the same game. However, these are minor issues in the grand scheme. This bonus is fun, and it is achievable to win with. So if you think it’s a good bonus for you, go make the most of it and play through it on your favourite sports!

William Hill Have A Valuable Sign Up Offer For Players

This bonus works for everyone. Whether you’re a new, or an experienced bettor, anyone can enjoy the perks that these free bets offer. You have complete flexibility to use this William Hill bonus however you wish, on whatever sport you wish, making it one of the best online betting bonuses around.

The cherry on top is that you have a whole month to use up your free bets. So, you don’t have to be in any rush to play through them! This is a solid bonus that is simple to activate, and enjoyable to use, and if you happen to be a football bettor, you’ll find additional offers to use later should you desire to continue betting on the site. Sign up to experience the bonuses yourself and test out William Hill!

William Hill Offers FAQs

💵How do I get my £30 free bets with William Hill?

You have to sign up to William Hill first, then deposit an initial amount of £10. Once you playthrough that £10, you’ll have your free bets.

💰How do the William Hill bonus bets payout?

They payout like any winnings. You have to win with your bet credits, and once you do, you can withdraw your winnings using any withdrawal method you like.

🤔What is the P40 promo code for William Hill?

This is the current bonus code you need to activate your free bets offer. However, the bonus code is always changing, so we’d recommend not relying on it; always check the Ts and Cs of your offer first.

💭What happens if I don’t use my free bets?

Within 30 days, they will expire, and you will be unable to use them anymore. Make sure you play through them to make the most of these bets.

🏧Can I withdraw my bet credits without betting with them?

No, you cannot. These are bet credits, not free money. You have to play through the credits and win with them before you’ll be able to withdraw anything.

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