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Sweeptastic Promo Code & Bonuses for 2024

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If you are considering joining Sweeptastic, you can’t go wrong. The Sweeptastic bonus will kickstart your journey at this social casino. You will receive not only Gold Coins but also Sweep Coins just for registering and completing your profile.

Sweeptastic is an energetic social casino with over 1,000 casino-style games. With your bonus, you can jump straight in and start playing. Notably, you don’t need a Sweeptastic promo code to claim. What else can you expect? Continue reading to find out everything you need to know about the Sweeptastic welcome bonus, how to use it, and more.

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Sweeptastic Social Casino Bonus
Get 55,000 Lucky Coins and 34 Sweeps Coins with first purchase
T&Cs apply, 18+
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Diners Club
Bonus Type
Welcome Bonus
Min. Deposit

Unlock Your Sweeptastic Bonus & Start Playing

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If you have read our Sweeptastic review, you already know you can claim a welcome bonus. Here we take a closer look at the Sweeptastic bonus and its offerings, so let’s get started.

The Sweeptastic bonus currently offers 10,000 Lucky Coins, which is their Gold Coin currency, just for signing up. Once you complete your profile, though, you receive a further 17,777 Lucky Coins and 2 Sweep Coins. With the Sweeptastic bonus, you don’t need to make a purchase, and there isn’t a Sweeptastic bonus code to use. Instead, the bonus is automatically credited to your account.

While purchasing a social casino isn’t necessary, it is an option. Sweeptastic does offer a first-time purchase bonus. You will receive more Lucky Coins and free Sweep Coins. Currently, the first-purchase offer is 20,000 Lucky Coins and 20 Sweep Coins for $9.99. But as mentioned, this is optional to buy, as Sweeptastic has made more than provisions to give you Lucky Coins and Sweep Coins without ever having to make a purchase.

Social Casino Bonus
Welcome Bonus
Get 55,000 Lucky Coins and 34 Sweeps Coins with first purchase
Min. Deposit: -
Cashable: Yes
Odd: -
Get Bonus
T&Cs apply, 18+

Boost Your Play: Unleashing the Power of Your Sweeptastic Bonus

Claiming the Sweepstakes bonus is simple. The process takes less than a few minutes, and you will soon be off spinning the reels in the best social casino slot games.

  1. Create your account at Sweeptastic with just your email and password.
  2. Verify your account creation by email.
  3. You will automatically get your first set of Lucky Coins.
  4. Then head to your account and complete your profile. Completing your profile includes adding your address, country of residence, and contact information. You can also upload proof of ID and address ready for your first redemption. Open “My Account” on the sidebar to populate it.

If you prefer gaming on the go, you can sign up and play directly from your mobile browser across various devices and still claim your Sweeptastic bonus, but you won’t find official sweepstakes apps for Android or iOS for this brand.

Claiming the Purchase Bonus

Sweeptastic also offers an optional purchase bonus to new players. The purchase bonus offers 20,000 Lucky Coins and 20 Sweep Coins for $9.99. Here is how you can claim your purchase bonus.

  1. Once you have an account, click ‘Get Coins.’
  2. Choose your preferred payment method. At Sweeptastic, you can only choose between Visa, Mastercard, and cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum.
  3. If you are choosing Visa or Mastercard, enter your card details to make the purchase. If you are using crypto, enter the specified wallet address to make the purchase.
  4. Your coin package will be in your casino account within a few minutes after purchase.

The Sweeptastic bonus is generous and gives you plenty of Lucky Coins to play for free, plus more if you’re willing to make a small investment. The free Sweep Coins are a nice touch, and if you can earn enough from playing in tournaments and on sweep coin games, you can redeem them for prizes.

Sweeptastic Bonus: Top Tips to Maximize Your Rewards

The Sweeptastic bonus is good, but if you want to make the most of it, we have some great tips for you.

Know the Two Types of Coins of your Bonus

If you are familiar with social casinos, you will have heard of Gold Coins, but Sweeptastic has put its own twist on the name and gives players Lucky Coins instead. These coins work just like Gold Coins. Lucky Coins can’t be redeemed for prizes and have no real value, but you can use them to play games for free and win more Lucky Coins to play for even longer.
To redeem real prizes, you must use Sweep Coins to play the games and try to win more. These Sweep Coins can be redeemed for real money if you have the minimum required amount.

Play Games that Require Smaller Coin Quantities to Play

Sweeptastic has hundreds of games to play, some of which will require more Lucky or Sweep Coins. If you want to make the most of your bonus, choose games with lower minimums because you can play the games for longer.

Cash In on Other Bonuses

Apart from the welcome bonus, Sweeptastic offers players other bonuses and promotions. They have a daily login bonus where you can claim an additional 1,000 Lucky Coins each day when you log in, and they have a loyalty program that you can climb as you play to earn Lucky and Sweep Coins. They also have regular and limited offers that you can use to boost your Lucky and Sweep Coins amounts, so keep an eye on their social media and site for more promos.

Verify Your Account Sooner Rather Than Later

It is a good idea to verify your account sooner rather than later to avoid any delays when you are ready to redeem prizes. Verifying your account means that you must prove you are who you say you are, and it involves submitting a copy of your ID and address.

Use Your Lucky Coins to Try Games

If you are not sure what games you want to play, it is a good idea to use your Lucky Coins to try games, learn how they work, and see if they offer any special features. Lucky Coins allows you to play games for free, and once you feel confident or enjoy the game, you can play with your Sweep Coins to try to win them and make them eligible for redemption.

Sweeptastic Bonus: Your Questions Answered

❓Can I exchange my Lucky Coins for Sweep Coins?

Lucky Coins and Sweep Coins are separate, and one can’t be exchanged for the other. Any Lucky Coins you win allow you to continue playing casino-style games for free. Sweep Coins can be used to play games and participate in tournaments for a chance to further your pot of Sweep Coins and redeem a prize. But at no point can you exchange Lucky Coins to get Sweep Coins.

💁‍♀️How long do I have to complete my profile?

The Sweeptastic bonus for new players only gives you Sweep Coins once you complete your profile. You will only have a month from the account creation date to complete your profile. It is best to complete your profile as soon as you have an account so you do not miss out on claiming the 4 Sweep Coins.

🔐Do I need to find a Sweeptastic bonus code?

With the Sweeptastic bonus, you don’t have to worry about searching for and finding a Sweeptastic bonus code. Instead, you need to create an account to get your first set of Lucky Coins. Once your profile is complete, you will receive the second part of the bonus. Neither the first nor second part requires a bonus code, and it will be simply added to your account.

💳Do I need to make a purchase to get the full Sweeptastic bonus?

At no point are you required to make a purchase to receive a bonus at Sweeptastic. While there is the option to buy Lucky Coin packages, it is not a requirement. The packages you can buy will include Lucky Coins and a small amount of Sweep Coins, but there are plenty of other ways to get Lucky and Sweep Coins.
🇺🇲Is the Sweeptastic bonus available in all US states?

Sweeptastic can be played in most US states; however, it is not accessible to those in Washington, Idaho, and Nevada. Social casino casinos like Sweeptastic follow strict sweepstakes laws, which allows them to operate in almost every state in the US.

Level Up Your Play: Sweeptastic's Rewards & Loyalty Programs

Sweeptastic doesn’t stop there with the bonuses and promotions. They offer players plenty of opportunities to get more Lucky Coins and Sweep Coins through other Sweeptastic bonus offers.

Loyalty Program – Players Club

Sweeptastic’s impressive loyalty program is referred to as the “Players Club.” It has 22 levels that have different rules for accumulating points. For example, level 1 gives points for every spin on any slot, level 2 awards points for purchases and spins in any slot, etc. Each level follows different rules.
The loyalty program has 22 levels. As you climb the levels while playing the games, you can earn additional bonuses and rewards including Lucky Coins, Sweep Coins, exclusive promos, surprise offers, VIP access, etc. Here is a look at the initial levels along with some of the more noteworthy levels where you can earn bigger rewards:

LevelPoints Needed (average 10,000 per level)Level Up Reward
Levels 1 - 40 - 1,000 Pointsn/a
Level 21,000-5,000 Pointsn/a
Level 35,000-10,000 Pointsn/a
Level 410,000-20,000 Points1,000 Lucky Coins
Level 5 - 920,000-70,000 Points5,000 Lucky Coins at Level 9
Level 10 - 2070,000-180,000 Points10,000 Lucky Coins and 2 Sweep Coins at Level 20
Level 21180,000-190,000 Points10,000 Lucky Coins and 5 Sweep Coins
Level 22190,000-200,000 Points1,000 Lucky Coins and 3 Sweep Coins with 5x playthrough

Mail-in Bonus

You can request up to five Sweeps Coins via snail mail. To request, you must send a Request Card placed inside a stamped #10 envelope, addressed in handwriting, to this address: Heuston Gaming Inc., 4498 Main St., Ste 4 #1347, Amherst, NY 14226, USA. There are very specific instructions that you have to follow to receive the coins. For example, you have to write the following in non-black ink:

“I wish to receive Sweeps Coins to participate in the Sweepstakes promotions offered by Sweeptastic. By submitting this Request Card, I hereby declare that I have read, understood, and agree to be bound by Sweeptastic’s Terms of Use, including the Sweeps Rules.”

Check the terms and conditions for more details.

Tournaments and Challenges

When it comes to redeeming real money prizes at sweepstake casinos like Sweeptastic, playing in tournaments is the best way to earn more Sweep Coins. Sweeptastic hosts tournaments and challenges on its website and social media, where players have the chance to win their share of the Sweep Coin and Lucky Coin prize pools.

Daily Login

A great Sweeptastic bonus is the daily login bonus. Each day, when you log into your Sweeptastic account, you will receive a 1,000 Lucky Coins bonus. You do not need a Sweeptastic bonus code to claim the promotion; just log in, and your Lucky Coins will be credited to your account.

Social Media and Email Promos

Social casinos use social media to distribute information and offer exclusive bonuses. It is a good idea to follow Sweeptastic on social media to stay updated with the latest promos, which can include time-limited Sweeptastic bonus codes and seasonal promotions. It is also a good idea to sign up for the newsletter so that you don’t miss any of the latest promos, during which you can win Lucky Coins or Sweep Coins.

Deposit Bonus

This works differently in a social casino compared to traditional online casinos. At Sweeptastic, you can purchase coin packages, and Sweeptastic does special offers on these coin packages, which can be more Lucky Coins, including free Sweep Coins or offering a discounted price. However, always keep in mind that these purchases are optional.

Sweeptastic Social Casino Bonus

More on the Sweeptastic Bonus

Sweeptastic Lucky Coins
Play games with Lucky Coins gained from your bonus
Sweeptastic mobile casino
Claim your bonus via your mobile phone
How We Found the Sweeptastic Bonus

We found the Sweeptastic process very simple to follow. Once we created and verified our account, the first batch of 10,000 Lucky Coins was automatically added. We decided to complete our profile immediately, which requires us to enter information like our address, contact information, and other such details. Remember that you will need to verify your account with proof of ID and address.

Once our profile was completed, we received our second batch of Lucky Coins, which was 20,000 and 4 Sweep Coins. In total, we received 30,000 Lucky Coins and 4 Sweep Coins, which was a great way to kickstart our journey.

We were also offered a purchase discount for our first package of Lucky Coins, which included Sweep Coins. It is important to note that a purchase isn’t necessary to play. We decided not to go for the purchase bonus, but if you do, you are in safe hands as Sweeptastic allows you to use safe and secure payment methods like Visa, Mastercard, and crypto, for instance.

Once we received our full no deposit welcome bonus, we hit the slot games and played with our Lucky Coins.

Can You Withdraw the Sweeptastic Bonus?

At sweepstakes casino sites like Sweeptastic, there isn’t a withdrawal process. When you play casino-style games using Sweep Coins, you don’t win real money as you play. Instead, you win more Sweep Coins. These Sweep Coins can then be redeemed for real prizes, like cash or gift cards. The redemption rate is 1 Sweep Coin to $1.

However, it is important to note that you will need to have a minimum amount of Sweep Coins before you can redeem a prize. At Sweeptastic, the minimum amount you need is 100 Sweep Coins to redeem a cash prize and 25 Sweep Coins to redeem a gift card.

It is important to note that the Sweep Coins have a 5x wagering requirement, so you must meet the play-through requirements before you can redeem. This wagering requirement is higher than those of other social casinos like Zula Casino, which is 2x. With the welcome bonus, you will only have 30 days to claim and use your Sweep Coins; otherwise, they will expire.

You must also ensure that your account is fully verified by submitting a copy of your ID and proof of address before you make a redemption.

Sweeptastic Bonus: What to be Aware Of

Sweeptastic offers a straightforward claims process, as your first set of Lucky Coins are automatically credited to your account once you have signed up. However, we do advise you not to wait too long to complete your profile so you can ensure that you get your second set of Lucky Coins and your 2 Sweep Coins, and the longer you wait, the more likely you are to forget to claim it at all.

The Sweeptastic Bonus is quite transparent, but when looking at the terms and conditions, you should always take note of the playthrough requirements as mentioned, expiry, eligible games, and other factors. Knowing what the terms are will help you make the most of the Sweeptastic welcome bonus. With commonly used sweeps terms like a 1 SC for $1 redemption rate or 25 SC for a gift card, you might assume that all rules are the same; that’s definitely not the case with the 5x playthrough, which is significantly greater than most sweeps casinos terms.

Another thing to note is that Sweepotastic does offer a purchase promotion once you sign up, but keep in mind that this is not required to play. You should always practice responsible gambling and avoid overspending. Using a bonus to play is exciting, but you should do so for fun, so always play within your means.

Social Casino Bonus
Get 55,000 Lucky Coins and 34 Sweeps Coins with first purchase
T&Cs apply, 18+
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Our Final Thoughts: Should You Claim the Sweeptastic Bonus

The Sweeptastic bonus is a generous bonus that will help you put your best foot forward when you join this social casino. With the Sweeptastic bonus, you don’t need to worry about finding or entering any specific Sweeptastic bonus code. Instead, you can sign up, receive the first part of your bonus, and complete your profile for the second part.

The bonus is 30,000 Lucky Coins in total, and even though it isn’t as large as other social casinos, it is decent; plus, you can get 4 Sweep Coins, which you can use to play sweepstake slots or participate in tournaments. Apart from the welcome bonus, Sweeptastic also offers regular promotions, exciting challenges, and tournaments to sweeten the deal, including a daily login bonus of 1,000 Lucky Coins. Regular players can also benefit from the loyalty program simply by playing their favorite games with Lucky Coins.

Overall, the Sweeptastic bonus is worth claiming. If you are ready to play the best casino-style games with no purchase necessary, join the sweepstakes fun at Sweeptastic.

Social Casino Bonus
Get 55,000 Lucky Coins and 34 Sweeps Coins with first purchase
T&Cs apply, 18+
Play Now

Maximize Your Fun: Sweeptastic Bonus FAQs

🧐 Is Sweeptastic bonus worth claiming?

In our opinion, the Sweeptastic bonus is worth claiming. It gives you a boost to your Lucky Coins and you can also receive Sweep Coins. The Lucky Coins allow you to enjoy thousands of casino-style games, and the Sweep Coins can be used in tournaments on Sweeps games for a chance to redeem prizes.

🤑 Do I need to use a Sweeptastic promo code?

The Sweeptastic bonus is automatically credited to your account once you sign up without needing a promo code to claim it.

🎁 What prizes can I redeem at Sweeptastic?

At Sweeptastic, you can redeem cash prizes straight into your bank account. You must have at least 100 Sweep Coins to redeem. There is also the option of redeeming a gift card, but you only need to have a minimum of 25 Sweeps Coins for this.

💰 What other bonuses does Sweeptastic offer?

Sweepstastic offers multiple offers, like daily logins, newsletters and social media promos, tournaments, and a loyalty program where you can earn more Lucky Coins and Sweep Coins.

😌Is it easy to claim the Sweeptastic bonus?

Players will find the claiming process simple. In just a few minutes, players can receive their first and second sets of Lucky Coins and their 2 Sweep Coins. Remember that to get your second set of Lucky Coins and 2 Sweep Coins, you must complete your profile with your information.

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