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How to Get Free Money on in 2024

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Last Updated on 02.05.2024

Many players join to enjoy the best social casino games and features. However, some others target Stake free money promotions. But are such offers available? That’s what we’ll be taking a look at in this review.

As a sweepstake casino, is expected to provide regular free bonuses. We’ve evaluated the promos to identify if there are free money options. You’ll learn all about our findings on this page, along with essential details on how their free bonuses work. Continue reading to get valuable information on the free money codes at
Social Casino Bonus
$55 Stake Cash + 260K Gold Coins + 5% Rakeback
T&Cs apply, 18+
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Bonus Code
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What is the Stake Free Money Code?—Is Such an Offer Available?

To be straightforward, if you’re asking how to get free money on Stake, know that free Stake money doesn’t exist because real money isn’t used on the site. Bonuses you get from the social casino only reward Gold Coins and Stake Cash, which are virtual playing currencies. The misconception stems from the fact that some players think of Stake Cash as real money. However, that’s untrue, as Stake Cash has no monetary value. Let’s explain how it works in more detail. slots slot games mobile
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Stake Cash vs. Stake Free Money

Stake Cash (SC) is the version of Sweepstake Coins at other social casinos. As a result, you can’t refer to Stake Cash as real money because it’s simply a virtual gaming currency. When you get free SC from, you use it to play games on the site; think of it as a gaming token. It’s not money, so you won’t get payouts if you win.

Consequently, if you’re looking for Stake codes for free money, turn your attention to codes that award free SC. There are many of the latter, including the promo code “STAKEOP,” which rewards 55 Stake Cash and 260,000 Gold Coins upon sign-up, with a 5% Rakeback on losses.

Many other promotions reward SC along with GC. But there’s more to benefit from the former than the latter. That demands identifying the variances between Stake Cash and Gold Coins, which we’ll discuss next.

Social Casino Bonus
Welcome Bonus
$55 Stake Cash + 260K Gold Coins + 5% Rakeback
Min. Deposit:
Cashable: Yes
Bonus Code
Get Bonus
T&Cs apply, 18+

Why Stake Cash Is More Beneficial Than Gold Coins at

Generally, at sweepstakes casinos, you can redeem winnings from SC and not GC. That’s also why Stake Cash is more beneficial than Gold Coins at If you play with Stake Cash and win, you can redeem cash and crypto prizes. Another point is that SC is relatively scarce compared to GC. You’ll get free promos regularly, but the amount of SC they reward will be much less than the GC.

Furthermore, if you run out of Gold Coins, you can buy more from packages; note that this is 100% optional. However, Stake Cash is not purchasable. Also note that transferring or converting Gold Coins to Stake Cash is not possible. To provide a rundown, below are the similarities and differences between SC and GC at Casino:

FeatureStake CashGold Coins
Monetary Value
Available for Free

Simple Steps to Claim Stake Free Money as GC and SC

We’ve established that there is no Stake code for free money, so how to get free money on Stake sweeps casino is really a matter of claiming SC bonuses, which could lead to real money prizes. So, how do you get such promotions? Well, we’ve outlined five straightforward steps to follow below:

Sign Up at

Visit the website and hit the ‘Register’ button. Then, provide all the details on the sign-up form to create your account. Note that you can alternatively register via Facebook, Google, and Twitch. Importantly, tick the ‘Code’ option and enter the exclusive promo code “STAKEOP” before submitting. Recall that it’s not a Stake free money code but one that makes you eligible for the welcome bonus of free GC and SC.

Verify Your Account

You can’t access any of offerings without verifying your account. So, once you get the prompt, follow the instructions and provide all necessary documents. To pass the verification, you must be at least 21 and not a resident of Washington, New York, Nevada, Idaho, Kentucky, Michigan, or Vermont.

Receive the Welcome Bonus

If you enter the code “STAKEOP” as instructed, you’ll receive 55 Stake Cash and 260,000 Gold Coins, your safe gaming alternative to Stake free money, which you can use both to play any game on the website.

Claim the Daily Login Bonus also offers new players a daily login bonus. If you access your account daily for the first 30 days after signup, you’ll receive 30 Stake Cash and 300,000 Gold Coins. That’s 10,000 GC and 1 SC per day, which you don’t want to miss.

Participate in Other Promos

At, you’ll find other exciting bonuses to claim more free GC and SC. These include the raffles, daily races, challenges, and giveaways. Check the Promotions section for what’s available and start leveraging it.

Redeeming Free Money—Explaining Using SC for Real Prizes

While explaining the variances between Stake free money and Stake Cash, we highlighted that winnings from SC gameplay are redeemable. How does it work? Well, the process is straightforward, making it a worthwhile alternative for those who were wondering how to get free money on

Step 1: Complete a 3x Playthrough Requirement

This means you’ll play with the free Stake Cash you receive at least three times before receiving prizes. Consider the 55 SC from the welcome bonus as an example. You’ll have to play with up to 75 SC (25 x 3) for your Stake Cash to be eligible for redemption.

Step 2: Reach the Minimum Redemption Limit

Another requirement is accumulating up to a minimum amount of redeemable SC, and you can receive your prize as crypto or FIAT. The exchange rate is 1 redeemable SC for $1. However, from our comprehensive review of, we noted that the minimum amount isn’t fixed. Rather, it varies depending on your redemption method.

Step 3: Wait for Your Prize

You’ll appreciate the fact that processes redemptions rapidly. This is primarily because the platform supports crypto, so you get your prize instantly most of the time.

Top Benefits and Blemishes of Stake Free Money

In the absence of Stake free money code offers, redeemable Stake Cash is the go-to. It’s an advantage that you get SC for free-form bonuses, and that redemption is super fast with crypto or FIAT. But there are some disadvantages to note if you aim to receive prizes at We’ve outlined both upsides and downsides below:

  • Regular free Stake Cash bonuses
  • FIAT and crypto redemption are supported
  • SC winnings are redeemable for real prizes
  • Redemption via crypto is rapid
  • 3x playthrough requirement is relatively high

Based on our experience reviewing sweepstake casinos, many only demand a 1x playthrough for redemption. So, the fact that requires more with 3x is a drawback.

Rounding Up—Should You Claim Stake Codes for Free Money?

In summary, searching for Stake free money code bonuses won’t yield substantial results as the social casino doesn’t even operate with real money. It’s best to go for SC promo codes like “STAKEOP,” which gets you 55 Stake Cash and 260,000 Gold Coins after signing up, which is how to get free money on in the form of free virtual currencies. The real deal is that you can redeem prizes when you win while playing with SC.

It’s not all roses since Stake SC offers have their downsides. For instance, you must complete a 3x playthrough before redemption. Nevertheless, the relatively fast processing time for redemption deserves applause. Also, it’s commendable that the platform allows crypto and FIAT. Not many competitors offer such features, which is why we recommend registering with as one of the best sweepstakes casinos in the United States.
Social Casino Bonus
$55 Stake Cash + 260K Gold Coins + 5% Rakeback
T&Cs apply, 18+
Play Now
Bonus Code
Credit Card

Important Questions About Any Stake Free Money Code

💵 Can I cash out my free money on Casino?

You can’t cash out free money on Casino because the platform doesn’t offer it. is a sweepstakes casino where you play with GC and SC. No actual money is involved.

🔎 Is GC at real cash?

No, GC on isn’t real cash. It stands for Gold Coins, a currency in the sweepstakes model with no monetary value. You can only use GC on for playing games.

🔂 How much is 1 Stake Cash?

Stake Cash has no monetary value, so it’s worth zero. You only use the SC for gaming at the social casino. However, when you win, you can redeem eligible Stake Cash for prizes, and the exact amount is 1 SC for $1.

💲 Does give you a dollar a day?

No, doesn’t give you a dollar a day. The social casino doesn’t involve using actual money. You only play with Gold Coins and Sweepstakes Coins, or in this case Stake Cash (SC). As a new player, you can get 1 SC per day for the first 30 days, and while it has no monetary value, winnings with Stake Cash are redeemable for prizes.

🔄 Can you convert Stake Cash to Bitcoin?

You can’t convert Stake Cash to Bitcoin, but you can redeem the SC you win while playing as a real prize. supports cryptocurrency redemption, meaning you can receive your prize as BTC or any other digital coin you prefer.

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