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Roobet Bonus: In-Depth Guide to Roobet Promotions & Offers

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James Leeland
Fact checked by: Jim Knight
Last Updated on 23.05.2024

The Roobet bonus is making waves in the iGaming industry, and rightly so. The sportsbook not only rewards new players for just joining by offering them a sign up bonus, but also keeps existing players from being left out.

In this review, we will walk you through all the current bonuses for all bettors, how to claim them, and tips to improve your betting and winnings chances with little to no risk. Whether you reside in Canada, India, New Zealand, Ireland, or Nigeria, you will learn your region-specific promotions and how to claim them.

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Roobet Sports Bonus
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The Roobet Bonus Offer - Free Bet & Cashback

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The Roobet welcome bonus is popular for its unique combination of free bets and cashback offers, providing players with enhanced value. New players receive a free bet (minimum odds of 1.7) along with 20% cash back on all bets made within 48 hours of their initial deposit.

Notably, there’s no need for a Roobet promo code to claim this bonus; instead, users must sign up using a unique link and deposit a minimum amount within 24 hours of creating their account. A significant advantage of this promotion is its availability across all legal regions, although its specifics may vary depending on the market. This inclusive approach ensures that players from various regions can enjoy the benefits of the Roobet sign up bonus tailored to their respective jurisdictions.

It’s important to know that for the Roobet welcome bonus and other promotions, regardless of your country, the bonus is valid for 30 days from the moment you claim it. After that, it will be cancelled from your account.

Below is a breakdown for each region:

New Player Bonus in Canada

For players from Canada, a minimum deposit of $13.60 unlocks a $6.80 free bet within 24 hours. Additionally, enjoy a 20% cashback on all losing bets made within the first 48 hours, with a maximum cap of $1360.

Roobet Welcome Bonus for India Players

Players signing up from India can rejoice with just a minimum deposit of ₹829.11, receiving a ₹4.14.50 free bet. Plus, enjoy a 20% cashback for your losing bets in the first 48 hours, capped at ₹82,910.

Kiwi’s Get a Free Bet + 20% Cashback

New Zealanders are not overlooked in the freebie department. With a deposit of at least NZ$16.20, new players receive NZ$8.10 free within 24 hours. Moreover, all sports bets for the next two days qualify for a 20% cashback of up to NZ$1,620, given they are losses.

Sign Up Bonus for Irish Bettors

Irish players looking to join the action need only sign up and deposit as low as €10 to receive €5 within a day. Furthermore, enjoy a 20% cashback on all losses incurred in the first 48 hours, capped at €1,000.

Nigeria’s Roobet Welcome Bonus

Users from Nigeria are not forgotten, as a minimum deposit of ₦15,790 grants players ₦27,895 in free bets. After the initial 48 hours of betting, enjoy a 20% refund on all losses, up to ₦157,9080.

How to Use the Roobet Bonus - Complete Market Access

As mentioned, the welcome bonus comprises two components: the free bet and cashback. Take the following steps to use your free bet.

  1. Sign up for an account.
  2. Make the minimum deposit required for your region.
  3. Wait 24 hours for your free bet to be credited.
  4. Use the bonus on a single bet on all available sports markets with 1.7 – 1,000 odds.
  5. Do not use the cashout feature to avoid forfeiting the free bet.

The cashback bonus comes with its own separate, however, more flexible requirement which is as follows.

  1. Bet on all sports markets with your actual sportsbook balance for 48 hours.
  2. Wait 1 business day for the 20% cashback based on your losses to be refunded to your bonus bet.
  3. Use your bonus on available sports markets.

Not sure what sports markets this sportsbook offers? You can read more on this in our comprehensive Roobet review.

5 Tips for Using the Bonus - No Roobet Bonus Code Needed

Ensure Availability of Cash Back Before Betting

A common mistake is assuming you have the free bet and cash back upon receiving the welcome bonus. However, the cashback only applies to losses within the first 48 hours post-deposit. It’s crucial to confirm the presence of the cash-back bonus before placing bets with your funds. This ensures you’re using the bonus effectively and not risking your own money unnecessarily. Remember, the cashback is typically credited within one business day after the initial 48-hour period (roughly 72 hours after creating an account), so exercise caution before proceeding with bets.

Diversify Your Bets

While the free bet offers limited flexibility, the 20% cash back presents an opportunity to diversify your bets. Conduct thorough research to inform your betting decisions and avoid blind speculation. By diversifying your bets, you can optimise the benefits of the cashback while minimising potential losses.

Bet Within Qualifying Odds:

Stick to the qualifying odds of 1.7 – 2,000 to ensure your bets are eligible for the bonus. Betting on lower odds may result in using your actual bankroll or rejecting the bet due to insufficient balance. Adhering to the qualifying odds safeguards your bonus benefits and helps with your overall betting experience. It’s a practical strategy to maximise the advantages of the welcome bonus without encountering unnecessary complications.

Make Rational Betting Decisions

While freebies can be tempting, it’s essential to maintain a rational approach to betting. Avoid emotional impulses and ensure your decisions are based on sound analysis and strategy. Additionally, resist the urge to chase losses, even with the cashback incentive. By staying disciplined and focused, you can effectively use the bonuses without jeopardising your overall bankroll. This prudent approach can also foster your long-term success in the sportsbook.

Use One Bonus at a Time

Roobet’s policy dictates the fair use of bonuses, requiring players to utilise one bonus at a time. This regulation aims to maintain a level playing field and prevent unfair advantages. Therefore, refrain from claiming or using other promotions concurrently with the welcome bonus for new players. Failure to adhere to this guideline may result in the forfeiture of the entire bonus. By adhering to this rule, you ensure compliance with Roobet’s terms and optimise your bonus benefits accordingly.

FAQ on the Roobet Bonus

🔡 Do I need a Roobet bonus code to claim the promotion?

No, you don’t need a Roobet promotional code to get the welcome bonus. However, you need to sign up using the correct link, as failure to do so means forfeiting the bonus.

🌍 Is the Roobet promo the same everywhere?

While it has the same structure, that is, free bets and 20% cash back, the deposit needed to qualify and the amount of free bets awarded to each country varies with local currencies.

🏈 What can I use my free bet on?

The free bets can be used on any and all sports markets; however, you can only use the bonus on a single bet.

🔞 What is the legal age for claiming the bonus?

The standard age to sign up for and claim the sportsbook bonus is 18. However, the legal age to bet varies in countries like Canada, where you may need to be 19.

💰 Can I withdraw the free bets or cashback immediately after receiving them?

No, you cannot withdraw the free bets or cashback immediately after receiving them. These bonuses are intended to enhance your betting experience on Roobet and cannot be withdrawn as cash. Instead, they can only be used to place bets on sports events. However, any winnings generated from these bets can be withdrawn from your betting account.

Beyond the Roobet Sign Up Bonus - Get Roowards

Roobet bonus offers players an exclusive loyalty program known as Roowards. This promotion is designed to reward loyal players for their ongoing use of the bookmaker. Unlike conventional loyalty programs, Roowards operates invite-only, tailoring rewards to individual player activities and preferences. The program comprises three distinct rewards systems, each measured by a metre that fills based on players’ betting history:

Type of RoowardExplanation
Daily RakebackPlayers receive a share of the house edge on their wagers, providing an ongoing incentive for active participation in betting.
Weekly CashbackThis offers players cashback on their losses and bets made throughout the week, providing a safety net against any downturns in luck.
Monthly BonusPlayers are entitled to some of their overall losses. This is calculated based on their win/loss rate and deposit frequency, excluding withdrawals. This monthly bonus structure rewards consistent engagement and loyalty over time.

Other Roobet Promo Codes and Offers – Exciting Freebies for Existing Players

Roobet offers various promotions beyond traditional bonuses like free bets and cashbacks. One notable promotion is the Odds Booster, which provides players with enhanced odds on selected sports and eSports games. To participate, players simply need to place bets on single pre-match games.

Another current promotion is the Hot Combos bonus, catering to parlay bettors. Players can find qualifying games at the bottom right of the sportsbook’s homepage and enjoy combo boosts, potentially increasing their initial odds by at least 1.15x. While not a free bet, this promotion offers significant rewards for those who enjoy multi-leg wagers.

Additionally, Roobet features a referral program called Rooferrals, which allows players to earn commissions based on their referrals’ wagers. With up to 15% commission available, this program presents an opportunity to earn residual cash for betting. However, players must refer at least 10 players to access their rewards, adding an element of exclusivity to the program.

There’s even something known as Roo Specials, which are sports offers prepackaged for you on select events so that you can place bets even faster. While these Roobet promotions offer players a valuable advantage and the opportunity for risk-free betting, the lack of bonuses tailored to specific leagues or betting options, such as live betting, places it at a disadvantage compared to other competitors in this regard.

Roobet Sports Bonus

Overview of the Roobet Bonus

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Roobet sports championship betting

New players joining Roobet sportsbook can claim a free bet within 24 hours and benefit from a generous 20% cashback on all losses for the next 48 hours. This provides immediate betting power and a safety net for new players who might be having cold feet placing their first bet with their own money. To qualify for this, you must deposit a minimum of $10 or the qualifying amount in your region. In line with our standard procedure, our team tested the bonus firsthand to see if it delivered as promised. Read on to find out about our experience with this offer!

All Roobet Promises Met in Our Reality Test

We signed up and got our accounts verified in about thirty minutes. Thanks to crypto payments, our first deposit showed up in less than a minute.

Despite the bonus saying we’d get the free bet in 24 hours, we actually got it sooner, and we confirmed this across all regions. After that, we tried out the cashback. It wasn’t easy to accumulate tons of informed bets, given the 48 hour betting period, but like the free bet, it came through, giving us 20% cashback based on our losses and the house edge. Overall, we were very pleased with the results of our testing.

A Smooth Journey to Withdraw Your Winnings at Roobet

Roobet bonuses cannot be withdrawn, which aligns with standard practices in sports betting offers. However, the bonus bet and cashback allow players to secure withdrawable funds, and the best part about this bonus is that you won’t have to deal with pesky wagering requirements at all.

Cashback winnings are credited directly to the player’s account, allowing for easy withdrawal or further betting on different sports events. With the free bets, only winnings from qualifying wagers placed on odds between 1.7 and 1,000 are eligible for withdrawal.

Avoid these Roobet Sign Up Bonus Missteps

When claiming bonuses, navigating certain pitfalls is essential to ensure eligibility and maximise their benefits. While bonuses can augment your chances and minimise losses, many players inadvertently disqualify themselves by disregarding specific rules. Despite the absence of a Roobet promo code, certain factors must be adhered to remain eligible for the bonus.

Firstly, signing up through the correct link is paramount. Although the bonus is available to all, only users who register using the appropriate link are entitled to this incentive.

Additionally, while the free bet promotions are granted to all qualifying new bettors, it’s crucial to note that placing and losing a bet on a sports game within 48 hours is necessary to trigger the cashback bonus. Moreover, using the cash-out feature while betting on live sports is considered a win, rendering players ineligible for the bonus. Failure to adhere to these guidelines results in automatic forfeiture of the bonus.

Don’t forget that you have 30 days to use your free bet and cashback, which is plenty of time to make informed wagers. Oftentimes, bonuses are rushed, but in this case, you can take each bet with calm.

How does the Roobet Bonus Fare?

Player-focused promotions are not as widespread as they should be, and we are pleased to note in our Roobet bonus review of available promotions that the bookmaker stands out in this regard. Regarding flexibility, rewards, and overall quality, the sportsbook’s bonuses are pretty impressive. The welcome bonus, for instance, not only gives you a free bet, but also money back on your losses – and there isn’t a rollover involved nor a super strict time frame for using the bonuses once claimed.

Of course, when it comes to the cashback rewards, they do hinge upon your bets losing, so if your initial bets within the first 48 hours are constantly winning, you’ll only be left with a small free bet. Overall though, it’s a solid offer designed to welcome you warmly, all the while giving you a bit of insurance on your first bets as you explore the platform. Check it out for yourself, and don’t forget to use the unique link!

Key Takeaways on the Roobet Bonus for New Players

The Roobet bonus for new players is a departure from the norm we’ve seen in the iGaming industry, where players typically receive either a cashback or free bet promotions. With Roobet, new players have two-tier promotions for the price of one. The lack of wagering requirements also adds to the appeal, allowing players to bet without the pressure of meeting specific criteria to withdraw their winnings. However, we believe the 48-hour timeframe for the cashback offer is somewhat constraining, as it provides players with limited time and options for placing their bets.

Despite this minor setback, the welcome bonus offers a pleasing opportunity for players to kickstart their betting. With their access to free bets and cashback, players can confidently explore the platform.

Roobet Bonus FAQ

💵 What is Roobet welcome bonus?

Roobet offers new players free bets and 20% cashback on their 48-hour losses when they make a minimum deposit of $10. Depending on your location, this bonus might be slightly different.

⚠️ What is Roobet's wagering requirement?

There are no wagering requirements on all bonuses. This means you can withdraw all the winnings made from the bonus at any time.

📱 Can I use the bonus on my mobile phone?

Yes. While there isn’t a mobile app yet, you can place bets on your mobile phone’s browser with the cashback or free bets.

🧑‍💻 What is the Roobet bonus code?

There is no need for a Roobet promotional code to claim any of the available bonuses, but always double check with the most recent terms stated for your local offer. 

✍️ How do I join the Roobet loyalty program?

Roowards is an invite-only loyalty program that is exclusive to players who frequently deposit, bet, or withdraw on the bookmaker. Rewards under this bonus include daily rakeback, weekly cashbacks, and monthly bonuses.

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