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Ladbrokes Bonus: Assessing All Ladbrokes Bonuses & Promotions in 2024

James Leeland
Fact checked by: Jim Knight
Last Updated on 07.05.2024

Ladbrokes has always been a bookmaker that is generous with their bonus offers. Every month, they have a whole cluster of new promotions for their players, of all colours and sizes. Every Ladbrokes bonus is valuable in some way.

In this review, we’re going to cover the best, from their signup bonus offer to the regular promotions. For instance, is it competitive compared to other bookies and do we think it’s worth your time? Ladbrokes have plenty of value if you know where to look, and the first place to look is the Ladbrokes signup bonus offer.

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Ladbrokes Sports Bonus
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An Introduction to Ladbrokes Bonuses

Ladbrokes daily odds boost
Ladbrokes daily odds boost
Ladbrokes UK welcome bonus
Ladbrokes UK welcome bonus

Currently, Ladbrokes have a good quality signup offer, that is available across all their regions. This bonus is a free bets bonus, once you place a qualifying bet, you are given free bet credits.

A Great Offer for New Bettors in the UK

Once you have a new account opened, UK bettors can place a £5 bet on any sport with odds of 1.5 or greater, and gain 4 x £5 in free bet credits straight to their account. Once you’ve received your free bets, you’ll have seven days to use them before they expire. There are 20 different sports you’ll be able to use the free bet credits on, but each will have to be on odds of 1.5 or more, like the qualifying bet.

Ladbrokes Welcome Offer for Irish Punters

Irish bettors can take advantage of the same offer – simply place a €5 on your sport of choice and gain 4 x €5 in bet credits to be used within 7 days on bets with 1.5 minimum odds or more.

For Ladbrokes offers, this is a solid bonus with a great selection of eligible sports for your free bets. Many sportsbooks are doing similar bonuses, offering more free bets. Twenty pounds/euro in free bets isn’t a massive amount, but the lower betting limit to qualify is more appealing. The fact that the wagering requirements are so easy to meet is another massive bonus in our minds and one of the reasons we think this is one of the top online betting bonuses available at the moment.

How Do I Use This Ladbrokes Bonus?

Ladbrokes don’t overcomplicate the sign up process, so you can easily make the most of this bonus and get your hands on this Ladbrokes offer. There’s just a few steps you have to follow first.

  1. Sign Up to Ladbrokes First you’ll need to create a new account on the Ladbrokes platform. It won’t take long, just put in a few details and check some boxes. We cover this more in detail in our Ladbrokes review.
  2. Place Your Qualifying Bet You’ll need to place the qualifying bet within 14 days of opening your account to get access to Ladbrokes offers like this one. Deposit your £/€5 and place it on any sport you like. The only condition is the bet has to be on odds of 1.5 and above. You can spread your stake across several bets, but they all need to meet these odds.
  3. Get Your Free Bets Once the qualifying bet clears, you’ll get credited four separate free £5 bets. You will have to use these bets on four different markets with odds of 1.5 or higher, and you have seven days to use your free bets before they expire.

Top Tips For Using This Offer With No Ladbrokes Bonus Code

This bonus may seem straightforward on paper, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be maximised to the best of your ability. Here’s our tips on how you can bet using this bonus.

Use The Qualifying Bet To Test The Waters

It’s not the end of the world if you lose with the qualifying bet; you’ll still get credited with the free bets. Use that initial £/€5 to test the waters, see where the odds are valuable and find the sport that works for you so that you’ll be prepared for your free bets.

Consider Multiple Bets

Your initial bet must be of at least £5 win or cumulative stakes up to £5 at odds totalling 1/2 – so you don’t need to bet in a way you normally wouldn’t to make your first qualifying bet.

Do Your Research

We know the temptation is there to take a risk. Well, we believe you should treat this like any of the other Ladbrokes offers. Do your research and back where the value is.

Bet Across Different Sports

This particular bonus must be bet across four different sportsbook markets, and it’s restricted to a list of 20 particular sports, listed in the T&Cs. This still gives you the liberty to do what you please with it. Take the time to try different markets you might not be familiar with, but ensure they are all on the list.

Don’t Rush Your Bets

Seven days mightn’t feel like you have a lot of time, but in reality, you have plenty of time. With all the different sports available on Ladbrokes, there’s plenty that can go in a week. Premier League, the Rugby Union, horse racing. There will be so many different events to bet on, so take your time, and wait for the opportunities to arise.

Answering Any FAQs about the Ladbrokes Bonus

We want nothing to go unanswered, so we have highlighted the most commonly asked questions below.

💳 Can you claim the bonus with PayPal?

No, when opening an account and depositing funds make sure you only use deposit methods which are eligible. The following are not eligible: prepaid cards, PayPal, Paysafe, Neteller and Skrill. You can use these methods to make a deposit once you have claimed your welcome bonus.

⏰ How long is this bonus available for?

This bonus is available until Ladbrokes withdraws the offer. The bookie states that if they choose to withdraw it any qualifying bets won’t be affected during the bonus period. It doesn’t need a Ladbrokes promo code and has been in place since 2021, but always check the offer immediately before you claim it.

⚽ Are there any sports at all which I can’t use my free bets on?

The free bets can only be used on certain sports markets – the full list of which can be found on the terms and conditions list. However, it includes soccer, horse racing, boxing, rugby union, rugby league, cricket, pool, ice hockey, Gaelic football and Specials (but not tote & pools). So there’s quite a wide range to choose from. Really the only sports markets that this bonus is ineligible for are virtual sports.

💸 What happens if my qualifying bet is over £/€5?

The minimum stake to qualify for the free bets is £/€5. So if you choose to stake more than that, you are welcome to and the free bets should still be credited to your account. If the free bets aren’t in your account after that wager is settled, contact customer service and they will be able to fix the issue.

🎰 Can I place my qualifying bet on odds under 1.5?

No, you cannot. You have to place your qualifying bet on odds of 1.5 (1/2) or over, and if you go under those odds, you simply will not gain access to the Ladbrokes bonus. You have 14 days after signup to gain access to the bonus, so you don’t have to place the qualifying bet right away if you don’t want to.

Other Promotions That Ladbrokes Has To Offer

Ladbrokes are constantly churning out promotions that you should get your hands on. Here are some of our favourite Ladbrokes bonuses, that are well worth the investment.

Let’s take the acca bonus as an example. This bonus essentially gives you full flexible control over your accas, with boost, track and bet back features. The boost means you can give your acca an odds boost at any point you please. The track allows you to fully edit, change or request a cashback from your acca. The free bet is an offer that allows you to get up to £/€10 back if your first acca of the week is unsuccessful. It’s a bonus that keeps delivering!

Another one of the great Ladbrokes promotions are the darts and horse racing free bets. They are separate bonuses but function the same. Essentially, you can get your hands on a £/€5 free bet on darts and horseracing separately, if you place an initial bet of £/€5.

These kinds of free bet offers are always in rotation, so it’s important to keep your eyes on the Ladbrokes bonus codes to see if you can spot them.

Ladbrokes Grid Card – A Different Type of Loyalty Program

Ladbrokes use a loyalty card system to reward people for spending on their site, this is quite different from the loyalty schemes offered by other online bookmakers. As you bet money, you earn points which can then be used to claim rewards.

The Grid Card is free and bettors can sign up for it on the Ladbrokes site – you will be sent a physical card to swipe in Ladbroke shops as well as having it linked to your online account. It makes moving between online and in store easier – you can use your card to cash out an online bet in shop, for instance, and walk away with cash in hand. You can place a bet in shop and have any winnings transferred to your online account too.

There are a number of rewards through The Grid which might appeal too – for instance there are discounts on ARC racecourse tickets, Now TV, cinema tickets and football shirts. You need to make sure you opt in to marketing communications though to receive these offers. You’ll notice that you can participate in this program through both the Ladsbroke sportsbook or casino side.

1Every £4 bet
1Every £10 spent on slots
1Every £20 bet on roulette

Ladbrokes Sports Bonus

Getting to Know the Welcome Bonus

Ladbrokes accumulator betting
Ladbrokes accumulator betting
Ladbrokes mobile sports betting
Ladbrokes mobile sports betting

We decided to test out this bonus for ourselves. This bonus offer is a free bet bonus, where you bet £/€5, and you get £/€20 in free bet bonuses. You get credited four separate £/€5 bets when your qualifying bet goes through, and you have plenty of flexibility with the bets. Here’s our full experience with this bonus offer.

Reality Test: Our Experience Playing Through This Bonus

First off, we created our Ladbrokes account. This didn’t take long, it’s a fairly straightforward process where you enter personal details, payment details and verify them. There’s no Ladbrokes promo codes to worry about; it automatically sets up.

Once up and running, we deposited €5 into the new account via Visa, and placed our €5 bet on the Liverpool-Southampton game. We bet on an obvious game, backing Liverpool and knowing they would most likely win, to see if our qualifying bet winnings would affect our free bets in any capacity.

Thankfully, they did not, and the winnings went straight to our account, and the free bets were activated as soon as everything was settled. Playing through the bonus was as easy as the T&Cs made it out to be. We threw one €5 bet on the Liverpool-Nottingham Forest game, and another on the upcoming boxing fight between Jack Flatley and Ryan Amos.

Our Experience Withdrawing the Bonus

While there are no wagering requirements on this bonus, we had to wait until all the free bets had settled. Our only successful wager was that Liverpool would beat Nottingham Forest, so we turned the €5 free bet into €7 (A great day at the office!). Unfortunately, you can’t keep the stake, but you keep your winnings, no matter how many bets you win or lose.

Withdrawing the funds was fairly easy. We couldn’t withdraw by bank transfer, but that is because it is £/€10 minimum, but the €7 was just added directly to the other funds, so we could withdraw everything in one go. Using Visa, we had our winnings back in one to two working days. It felt like just a regular bet; there was no real delay at all.

Avoid These Traps When Using This Bonus

Due to the flexible nature of this bonus, there isn’t much we can tell you to avoid. However, we do have a couple of pointers you should keep in mind.

  • Stay Away from Virtual Sports You are ineligible from using these free bets on virtual sports, but in our tinkering, we found the bets could still be placed. Even if you manage to place the free bets and win, you won’t be able to gain any of the winnings, so we recommend just staying away from the V-Sports for this bonus offer.
  • Be Careful With Bets on the Same Sport If you attempt to bet on, for example, football one too many times, you may again be wasting a free bet. You can only place one free bet per sports market, so you will be wasting one if you try to place two free bets on the same football game.

Our Verdict on the Ladbrokes Free Bet Bonus

We give this bonus a thumbs up after trying it out. It’s very simple to play through and access, and it’s a lot of fun given that you have four separate free bets to work with. The fact you have very little restrictions on what sports you can bet on certainly adds to the enjoyment of it all.

However, being unable to wager two free bets on the same game is disappointing, but in some ways, expected, as it would be a little bit too easy to turn over your free bets if you were constantly hedging them. All in all, this is one of the best bonuses out there today, and we recommend you take advantage of it.

A Solid Signup Bonus Worth Spending Your Time On

This Ladbrokes bonus may not be the most flashy bonus, or give you a huge amount of free bet; but, it is a simple free bets bonus that does its job, and is fun to play through. For just an initial £/€5, you can get £/€20 worth of free bets.

You can also bet on a wide number of sporting markets with these free bets. So, with no T&Cs holding you back, apart from a seven day time window, this is a worthwhile bonus to play through. It’s an achievable bonus to play with and that’s why you should sign up for it, plus there are exciting ongoing promotions to keep the betting experience alive as a loyal customer. Check out Ladbrokes to see your local offers for yourself!

Ladbrokes Offers FAQs

💰 Can I withdraw my winnings from the free bet?

You can withdraw your winnings; you just need to play through all the free bets first, then you can access the winnings.

🎁 Is this free bet bonus for new players only?

Yes. It is a signup bonus, meaning it is exclusive to players who have just signed up to Ladbrokes.

🤔 Can I use my free bets on any sports?

You need to stick to the selected spots markets, but there is plenty of flexibility with these free bets. The main restrictions are they can’t be used on virtual sports and each free bet much be played on a different market.

❓ Is this free bet offer a risk free bet?

No. A risk free bet is when you bet a certain amount and get that amount back if you lose. You may lose your initial bet with this bonus, but you get access to the bet credits regardless.

💲 How long do I have with my Ladbrokes free bet bonus?

You have 14 days to place your initial bet, and then you have 7 days to play through your free bet credits.

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