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FanDuel Sportsbook Bonus: Testing All FanDuel Bonuses & Promo Codes

James Leeland
Fact checked by: Jim Knight
Last Updated on 19.05.2024

Heard about the FanDuel bonus, and wondered how it stacked up against the other operators out there? Look no further than our expert guide. We’ve delved into the terms, the conditions, and the fine print to find out everything available.

Learn how the bonus works, how to claim it, and other tips and tricks to make better use of the bonus as a whole. We’ll also dive into the other promotions and the VIP program so we can use FanDuel to its fullest potential. We’ll test it all out for good measure so you know how well FanDuel’s bonus works.

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FanDuel Sports Bonus
Bet $5 Get $150 in Bonus Bets if your bet wins
T&Cs apply, 21+
Visit Site
Prepaid Card
Bank Transfer
Bonus Type
Welcome Bonus
1x Deposit
Min. Deposit

Introducing the FanDuel Offer on Sign Up

Fanduel betting markets
Fanduel has multiple sports betting markets
Fanduel mobile
Fanduel mobile sports betting

FanDuel is widely known to be one of the biggest operators in the United States of America, with millions of users and coverage in over a dozen states. We go into full detail about FanDuel as an operator in our FanDuel sportsbook review, so be sure to check that out. For now, we’ll focus just on the bonuses and promotions you can get when you sign up.

This FanDuel bonus is currently bet $5 (at least) and get $150 back in bonus bets if your bet wins. This is a great offer for casual to big bettors, since it doesn’t have any massive wagering requirements. Just remember that those bonus bets work like free bets elsewhere, so the house gets its stake back if you win with a bonus bet. Any winnings you make within the 7 day validity period are yours to keep.

Other New Customer FanDuel Promotions

This bet-and-get welcome bonus is the biggest and widely available, but it’s not the only one. Here’s just a taste of the other new customer bonuses you might see in rotation:

No Sweat First Win Bet Up to $200If your first bet on a horse race loses, you'll get your stake back in bonus bets.Horse Racing/ All Regions
100% First Deposit Match in Bonus Bets up to $100Deposit up to 100% deposit match up to $100.All Sports/ North Carolina
Sports Bonus
Welcome Bonus
Bet $5 Get $150 in Bonus Bets if your bet wins
Min. Deposit: $10
Cashable: No
Odd: -
Get Bonus
T&Cs apply, 21+

How to Use the FanDuel Bonuses

Now that you know a little bit more about the welcome bonus, we’ll go into detail about how to claim, and then use that welcome bonus. Thankfully, there’s no need to use any FanDuel bonus codes to claim the bonus, so the claiming process is a walk in the park:

  1. Sign Up and Verify Your Information
    The first step to claiming any welcome bonus, including the welcome FanDuel bonuses, is to sign up. You can still claim this bonus even if you already have an account – so long as you haven’t made a deposit or a bet. If you’ve done either of those actions, or someone else in your household has, you won’t be able to claim this offer.
  2. Make a Qualifying Deposit
    To claim the bonus, you don’t need a FanDuel promo code, but you do need to make a deposit of at least $10. You can use any digital payment option to claim this welcome bonus. You can’t use the “cash-at-counter” option at any of FanDuel’s physical locations or use PayNearMe.
  3. Make Your Bet
    You only get $150 in bonus bets if your bet wins. The bet must be at least $5, though there’s no restrictions on what sport you bet on, or even what odds you bet on. Try to stick to straight bets with favourable odds.
  4. Wait for the Bet to Settle
    You cannot cash your bet out early. If you try, the bonus will be voided no matter what the outcome of the bet was originally. Be patient and wait for the bet to settle.
  5. Use Those Bonus Bets
    You have 7 days after you receive your bonus bets to use them. These bonus bets can be used on any sport and bet. They only have to be wagered that one time, and if you win you keep the winnings only, not the stake. You can even split them up as you see fit.

Top Five Tips to Keep in Mind When Using the Welcome Bonus FanDuel Offers

Free bets like FanDuel’s bonus bets are one of the best online betting bonuses that we’ve reviewed. However, you don’t want to miss an opportunity, so keep these tips in mind when using this welcome FanDuel bonus.

Make Sure You’re Not on Any Self-Exclusion Program

If you are enrolled in any self-exclusion program like Self-Limit or Voluntary Exclusion or are on the Self Exclusion List in your state, you won’t be able to claim this bonus and will first need to remove yourself from the list to claim it. If you are enrolled on those programs involuntarily, then unfortunately there is nothing you can do to claim and use this bonus.

Use the Live Statistics to Inform Your Bets

While the bonus bets are free for you to use as you please, it is advisable to check out the live stats included on the big games to help inform your betting strategy.

Be Patient

Yes, it can take a fair bit of time (72 hours) to get your bonus bets after your bet has settled, but this is normal. The countdown to use the bets only starts when you get them, so there’s no need to worry.

Make Sure Your Last Bet Settles Before the Time Limit

Only bets made within that seven day period and fully settled by the end of the promotion are counted. If you made a bet, and during the game the promotion ends, the bet will disappear.

Unused Bonus Bets Disappear – So Use Them!

Similarly, any funds left as bonus bets will disappear after the period and cannot be reclaimed. With this in mind, it’s important to try to make all your bets with at least a day to spare.

FAQ About the FanDuel Bonus

👀 Do I need to use a FanDuel promo code to activate the welcome bonus?

No, there are no FanDuel promo codes that you need to enter to claim this bonus. You don’t even need to claim the bonus through a link. Simply make a first-time deposit, and wager $5 on one bet in any market.

❌ Why didn’t I get the full amount of my bonus bet win?

You only receive the winnings on top of your bonus bet stake. The stake is returned to the house. For example, if you bet $5 in bonus bets, and won $10, you’d get $5 in your account.

💸 Can I use cash out on the bet bonuses?

No, just as you can’t use cash out on the qualifying bet, you also can’t use cash out on the bonus bets without voiding your entire bet.

❓ Do I have to use the bonus bets on certain odds?

You can use your bonus bets on any sport or event, and on any odds. There are no restrictions on the types of bet you can make or how much you bet in one go.

🧐 What’s the minimum bet I can make with the bonus bets?

The minimum bet on FanDuel is $0.09, which is the same when using bonus bets. Just make sure you have the Promotion Bonus option selected in the bet slip (no FanDuel bonus code needed here, either).

FanDuel's Additional Rewards and Loyalty Programs

FanDuel offers a wide range of additional bonuses to expand your betting options, just like many other online betting sites:

No Sweat Same Game Parlay

The No Sweat Same Game Parlay boost is a game and date-specific bonus that refreshes regularly to cover new events. You get your money back in bonus bets if your qualifying bet loses. A qualifying bet is a parlay bet of at least $1 with -400 (1.25) odds or longer with three legs on the promoted game. The most you can receive back in bonus bets if your wager loses is $100.

Boost Builder

With this, you can boost your parlay winnings up to 105%. Add this bonus to your account, and get a boost for every leg you add to a parlay bet. A three-leg parlay bet gives potential winnings a 15% boost, and every leg added on boosts your bets by 10% more, up to 105% total. This type of bet is typically sport-specific. For example, you must use it on parlay bets in the NBA. The odds on each leg must also be -400 (1.25) or longer.

Profit Boost

In the past there have been 30% profit boost bonuses and 50% profit boost bonuses, though they were both locked to a specific sport (NBA). With this promo, you get a profit boost on any event on a specific day. Like other bonuses, this option doesn’t need a FanDuel bonus code to use.

FanDuel’s VIP Program: An Overview

FanDuel does have its own VIP program, but unfortunately this is not a program that every player can participate in; it’s by invite only. You must either be contacted by their customer service team or make an application yourself. If you are entered into the VIP program, then you can expect the following FanDuel bonuses:

  • Personalised bonuses and promotions sent to your email
  • Invitations to live experience at sporting events or FanDuel’s land-based locations
  • A VIP personal account manager
  • Higher wagering limits

FanDuel Sports Bonus

Big Free Bet Bonus on FanDuel for Newcomers

Fanduel main
Fanduel sportsbook
Fanduel app interface
Download the Fanduel app

FanDuel provides a great range of bonuses and promotions, and updates their offering regularly to keep up to date with the latest sports seasons and the big game events, with the Bet $5, Get up to $250 Back in Bonus Bets being the big welcome offer we tried out and put to the test. After all, sometimes a deal’s too good to be true, and other time’s it’s just what it says on the tin. We tried it out to find out.

FanDuel's Welcome Bonus Reality Test

To put the bet-and-get offer to the test, we signed up and picked a Champions League game with safe odds to place our initial bet (the Manchester City vs FC Copenhagen match). We bet $5 on Manchester City to win (spoilers: it did). Once we got the bonus bets, we started to place them on several different sports and bet types. We’re pleased to announce we could use bonus bets everywhere without issue.

One thing about the experience we need to note is that it’s easy to forget to select the option to use the bonus bets, since this needs to be done every time. We accidentally used our own funds a few times, so watch out for this.

The Bonus Withdrawal Process

After we wagered the bonus bet and got our winnings, that was it. There’s no need to wager those winnings to clear the requirements or anything else. Another big positive is that you keep the winnings you’ve earned with the bonus funds, even if you didn’t use all the bonus bets by the end of the time limit, as you only lose the bonus bets, not your winnings.

As stated, you don’t keep the stake when you win a bet or bonus funds, so don’t be surprised if how much is in your account is far less than you thought it would be. With $150 free bets, for example, we were able to win less than $50 total – and a good thing too, because the minimum withdrawal on FanDuel is $10.

Key Pitfalls to Dodge When Claiming the Bonus

A few hiccups can interrupt your experience or cause you to not get as much out of it as you otherwise could have. To help you navigate these pitfalls, we went through the terms and conditions, read up on other users’ experiences, and compared them with our own experience to put together these top concerns to be aware of:

  1. Wait to Verify Your Account: There are hiccups when it comes to location verification, especially if you’re using the app. Make sure that you verify your address and identity beforehand, otherwise FanDuel may void your bonus.
  2. Act Fast: FanDuel tends to give bonuses which have very short shelf-lives, so make sure that you use the bonus funds before the overall promotion ends, since this will always void out unused bonus bets.
  3. Always Read the Terms and Conditions Yourself: FanDuel deals rotate regularly, and many of their bonuses sound similar. For example, the previous welcome bonus was also a Bet $5 and Win, Earn $150 – the difference? It could only be used on NBA games.

Our Final Verdict on The Bonus

We enjoyed using the FanDuel welcome bonus, and found it very easy to acquire and use. The only downside is making sure that you’re actively using bonus bets when making wagers on other games, but this is a very minor issue. The bonus itself is very flexible, the seven days is more than enough time to place your free bets, and even the short promotional periods aren’t much of an issue, since they refresh (with minor variations, yes). All that’s left is for you to visit the site and see for yourself if this welcome bonus is right for you and your betting style.

Sports Bonus
Bet $5 Get $150 in Bonus Bets if your bet wins
T&Cs apply, 21+
Play Now
Prepaid Card
Bank Transfer

What to Remember Before Trying Out These FanDuel Bonuses

FanDuel bonuses are very fair and generous, with plenty of options for all types of bettors and all types of sports fans. They refresh regularly, however, so while the offer may sound similar, the terms tend to be different. That’s why it’s so important to check through what you need to do to claim them. However, the range of options available, even beyond the welcome bonus, is definitely worth looking into, so check out their main site to see what’s available today before you sign up.

Sports Bonus
Bet $5 Get $150 in Bonus Bets if your bet wins
T&Cs apply, 21+
Play Now
Prepaid Card
Bank Transfer

FanDuel Promo Code and Bonus FAQs

🧐 Why can't I use a bonus I've seen advertised on the FanDuel?

FanDuel does offer state-specific bonuses, which you’ll only be able to claim if you are a resident in that state. However, it will advertise the available bonuses regardless of regional restrictions on its main site. This means you might see a bonus you can’t claim – so make sure you check state validity.

😭 I've claimed a bonus, why can't I use it?

Many bonuses are locked to specific games or days. For example, a 30% Profit Boost on Live Bets may be restricted to NBA games on a specific calendar date, and can’t be used at any other time.

❓ I've referred a friend, why haven't I received my bonus?

Unfortunately, you won’t receive your bonus until your friend has completed all the steps. They have 30 days to do this.

👯 How many friends can I refer?

You can refer up to five friends every 30 days. Those friends must be residents of Michigan, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, or West Virginia to qualify.

🏦 How do I use bonus bets instead of my own funds?

You’ll see an option on the bet slip to use bonus promotions. Make sure that this option is ticked, otherwise you’ll end up using your own funds. You must tick this option every time you place a bet.

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