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BC Game Hash Game 2024: How To Play and Strategy

James Leeland
Fact checked by: Jim Knight
Last Updated on 06.05.2024

In this guide we explore Hash BC.Game offers that are known for being fair because of their use of blockchain technology. They’re truly an innovation in the gaming world. Meanwhile, we’ll show you how to sign up, fund your account, and start playing.

We’ll also discuss pros and cons of hash technology, games that implement this and the best tips for you to start playing. Hash at BCGame has been pivotal in ensuring fair gameplay across its platform, which truly makes BC.Game stand out from the rest.

So what is all the fuss about hash BC.Game offerings?

One big thing about Hash games at BC.Game is its wide variety of offerings. There are currently 38 BC Originals implementing this technology ensuring provably fair gameplay. These games implement groundbreaking technology such as hash sequencing to make sure the results are random and always predetermined. This means that when you start any game using this mechanism, the result will already have been determined before you press play. Therefore it cannot be tampered with by the operator or the players.

Let’s take a look at some of the main security aspects used:

  • Random Results: BC.Game live uses secure tech to ensure fair play. A sequence of 10 million hashes is created and locked with SHA-256. Each hash represents one result of the game. At the start of each game these sequences are released in reverse order. Before you bet, you’ll be given a simplified version of this seed which you can then use to check the result after playing, ensuring that everything has been fair.
  • Security: Since Hash games at BC.Game use cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, it means transactions (when you deposit or withdraw money) are very secure. Cryptocurrencies use special codes and advanced blockchain technology that are very hard to break.\
  • Privacy: Using cryptocurrencies also means more privacy. You don’t have to share as much personal information compared to using fiat currency. This increases the safety of your personal details.

Whether you play on a computer or on a phone with the BC.Game android app, you can be sure that your data is safe and the games you play are provably fair.

Which BC.Game hash games should I start playing?

If you’re not sure where to begin, think about what kinds of games you usually enjoy. BC.Game offers a selection of 38 BC originals. These in-house created games are different from your classic slot games and all come with their own quirks and flair. Games such as Crash or Limbo offer excitement combined with easy-to-follow rules.

Here’s the complete list of BC game hash Originals you can choose from:

Strategy Games:Chance-Based Games:Quick Play Games:Card Games:Unique Games:
Tower LegendRouletteCrashHiloCave of Plunder
MineClassic DiceLimboSavior SwordOriental Beauties
CoinflipWheelFast ParityHashdice
Ultimate DiceTwist
Ring of Fortune

Perks to use before kicking off with Hash at BC.Game Online

Before you start playing any BC hash games online, here are some perks you should know about. BC.Game offers a good selection of promotional offers for you to take advantage of. Many of the BC.Game hash offerings can be played using bonuses, although it is important to keep in mind that not all of them may contribute to fulfilling wagering requirements. It’s best to always check out the relevant terms and conditions before claiming a bonus offer.

Play hash games with the BC.Game welcome bonus

I looked into BC.Game’s deposit bonus and here’s what I found. If I make my first deposit within 7 minutes of signing up, I’m eligible for a 300% bonus, up to $20,000. After this time period, the bonus is 180%. Then, for my second deposit, the bonus is 240% with a cap of $40,000. The third deposit offers a 300% bonus, which can go up to $60,000.

Finally, the fourth deposit can bring in a 360% bonus, maxing out at $100,000. The bonuses are credited to rakeback, and as I play games and wager, the bonus is released at a rate of wager x 1% x 20%. I can claim this bonus as cash once I have at least $5 in unlocked bonus funds.
Keep in mind that there are also certain wagering requirements for you to fulfil. Let’s take a look at those below.

BC.Game deposit bonus terms

  • What you need to do: You can get the bonus right after you sign up. It must be claimed within 7 minutes.
  • Minimum deposit: You need to deposit at least $10 to get the first deposit bonus.
  • Bonus limit: You can get up to $20,000 on the first deposit bonus..
  • Where the bonus goes: The bonus money goes into your Rakeback account.
  • How to get the bonus: The more you bet in casino and sports games the more bonus you unlock. The bonus is calculated as 1% of your bet amount, then multiplied by 20%.
  • How to use the bonus: Once you unlock the bonus, you can find it in the Rakeback section of the bonus page. To use it, click “unlock BCD” and then “claim” to move the bonus to your wallet.

Remember to always check the terms for each perk. Like when they are available, wagering requirements and how exactly you can get them.

Pros and Cons of playing at BC.Hash Game

BC.Game Hash games are a great way for you to enjoy provably fair games in a safe gaming environment on the BC.Game app and website. Of course there’s always some drawbacks, so let’s take a closer look at the pros and cons of Hash games at BC.Game.

  • Uses modern blockchain technology to ensure fair gameplay
  • Players can verify fairness of games for themselves
  • Great selection of 38 BC Originals
  • Blockchain technology might difficult to learn
Play hash games on your phone
BC.Game casino hash games


So, what’s the verdict? We like it! Hash BC.Game offerings are games that use modern blockchain technology to make sure game outcomes are provably fair and gameplay is secure. By using modern hash sequencing, BC.Game has taken the lead in creating a safe gaming environment for new and experienced players alike.

There is a good selection of BC Originals all using this technology so you’ll be sure to find something you like. Additionally the use of cryptocurrency ensures safer transactions and more privacy for players. We definitely recommend trying out some of these games and getting a first-hand glance at the blockchain technology yourself. Alongside it you can also take advantage of some great bonus offers at BC.Game and explore their great selection of slot games and sports betting markets.


🎯 Can I trust Hash BC.Game offerings?

Yes, indeed. You can trust BC.Game. It uses blockchain technology to ensure all games are fair by making every transaction and game outcome transparent and verifiable. So you can actually check if everything was legit afterwards.

💵 Do I have to transform real money into crypto to play at BC.Game?

Yes, BC.Game operates with cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. To play you will need to convert your real money into one of the supported cryptocurrencies.

⭐ What makes Hash games at BC.Game so safe?

Hash at BC.Game is safe due to its use of new technology. This means random results are ensured by a provably fair algorithm. Not many BC.Game alternatives have the same security.

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