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BC.Game Bonus: All You Need to Know About the BC.Game Sign Up Bonus

Unlock Exciting Rewards: A Guide to the BC.Game Bonus

James Leeland
Fact checked by: Jim Knight
Last Updated on 21.04.2024

BC.Game welcomes you into the world of online betting with a comprehensive promotional offer. When you sign up, you become eligible to access BC.Game bonus offers as an excellent starting point for your betting journey on the platform.

We understand that sports betting bonuses may seem like shiny treasures, but not everything that glitters is gold. Sometimes, it’s necessary to pause and delve into what the offer is really about. That’s why we’re reviewing the BC.Game Bonus in this article. Wagering requirements, odds, how to withdraw, and much more are up next! Keep reading to discover more!

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BC.GAME Sports Bonus
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Getting to Know the BC.Game Sign Up Bonus

BC.Game Sport Racing
Experience horse racing betting at BC.Game
BC.Game sport betting
Selection of sports betting markets at BC.Game

BC.Game provides exclusive sign-up bonuses to welcome new users to their website, given that they are of legal betting age in their jurisdiction. No promo code is required to claim the bonus. Players only need to register and make a minimum deposit. The deposit bonus program allows up to four qualifying deposits made in BC Dollar which is the site’s own cryptocurrency.

As the site solely uses cryptocurrency, players in Canada, New Zealand, Nigeria and India are all subject to the fees being in USD. This is a fantastic four deposit bonus that offers:

  1. 180% up to 20,000 BCD with a minimum deposit of $10.
  2. 240% up to 40,000 BCD with a minimum deposit of $50
  3. 300% up to 60,000 BCD with a minimum deposit of $100
  4. 360% up to 100,000 BCD with a minimum deposit of $200

As a note, however, new bettors should be aware you need to make all four deposits within a month of opening your account to unlock the full 360% bonus potential. The BCD bonus amount after the first deposit is locked and is released as you bet on the sportsbook according to how much you bet. There is a BCD dashboard on your account which keeps track of how much you have unlocked. If you want to withdraw your winnings, you will first need to wager your initial deposit and the bonus 40 times on any sports. See some regions that are eligible for this bonus below:

An Unbeatable Welcome Bonus for Canadian Bettors

As a first deposit of $13 Canadian bettors can receive a fantastic 180% deposit bonus of up to 20,000 BCD added to their betting funds. By the time they hit the 4th deposit, they could get up a bonus up to $135,000. The 40x wagering rules apply.

Great Welcome Bonus for Nigerian-Based Bettors

Nigerian bettors can create an account and after their first deposit is matched 180%, they can continue to claim the remaining three deposit bonuses, with the last one going up to ₦165,000,000 in bonuses, assuming they are able to complete the 40x rollover.

Indian Users Can Benefit from This Fantastic Welcome Offer

When Indian users make all four minimum deposits in local currency, it will be converted into the site’s own cryptocurrency BCD, getting them up to 100,000BCD by their last deposit. Like Canadian and Nigerian bettors, they will have to complete the 40x rule.

BC.Game’s Welcome Bonus for New Zealanders

New Zealanders can expect the same fantastic bonus of 180% to 360% worth up to 100,000 BCD when they make all their qualifying deposits and abide by the 40x wagering requirements as other regional bettors must.

Claim the BC.Game Welcome Bonus without a BC.Game Promo Code

The BC.Game offer spreads the rewards through four deposits with a potential value of up to $100,000 (100,000 BCD). But whether such a promo is worth your precious time could vary depending on the events you plan on betting on. This section will give you a simple step-by-step procedure for claiming and using it.

  1. Register
    Visit the operator’s official website, register, and create a BC.Game account. This first step qualifies for the welcome bonus, which is limited to new accounts. Remember you don’t need a BC.Game promo code.
  2. Deposit
    Deposit the qualifying amount as illustrated by the agreed minimums. The initial deposit is a minimum of $10, or the equivalent in your currency. The subsequent deposits then follow these required minimum deposit values.
    You can deposit funds in either +80 cryptocurrencies or traditional currencies (fiat) via bank cards; the fiat is later converted into BCD. The bookmaker ensures they accept mobile payment apps such as iPay, Samsung Pay, or GPay, all of which require linkage to a bank card.
  3. What You Need to Wager
    To be able to withdraw your winnings, you will need to wager your deposit and the bonus x40. The bonus is unlocked gradually as you play on the site.
  4. Withdrawal
    Players who successfully meet the 40x rollover are free to withdraw their accumulated wins.

Top Tips to Use the BC.Game Deposit Bonus

Here are five practical tips from firsthand experience to help you claim betting bonuses online like the BC.Game welcome bonus.

Pace Yourself for Maximum Benefit

One great thing about the BC.Game promo is that it doesn’t come with a strict time limit. The bonus is gradually unlocked as a rakeback, allowing users to take their time compared to other offers. It’s wise to consider taking it slow unless you’re highly experienced and comfortable with high-stakes betting.

Optimise with Small Deposits

The nature of the Rakeback system in this bonus allows users extended time for unlocking. Therefore, the strategy often favours smaller deposits, offering a more manageable and strategic approach. While the bonus provides ample time, proceeding prudently with smaller deposits is generally advisable.

Selectively Claim Bonuses Based on Your Budget

BC.Game acknowledges that not every player may want or be able to claim all available deposit bonuses. There’s no obligation to use the second, third, or fourth deposit bonuses if they don’t fit your budget or if you prefer not to proceed after claiming the initial bonus.

Stick to Familiar Sport Events

With no specific restrictions on the BC.Game bonus, users can apply it to the sports they are most familiar with. Whether exploring markets on over 40 sports, including major leagues like the NFL and Premier League, players can choose areas they know well. This personalised approach enhances the overall betting experience and potential for strategic betting.

Stay Informed About Terms and Conditions

As with any bonus offer, staying informed about the terms and conditions is crucial. The BC.Game deposit bonus and others in its category have undergone numerous changes. While efforts are made to keep the information updated, users should be cautious and read all the details before claiming any bonus. You might for example find a new BC.Game bonus code required depending on when you sign up.

FAQ about the BC.Game Promo, No Code

🎯 What type of bonus is the welcome bonus in BC.Game?

Game’s welcome offer boosts your initial four deposit amounts up to a certain percentage. BC.Game grants you a 180% bonus on your first deposit, a 240% bonus with the second, 300% on the third, and 360% on the fourth. You need to make all four deposits to receive the full 360% potential.

🌍 How can I discover the applicable BC.Game bonus for my region?

Navigate to the dynamic banners featured on the platform, and they will redirect you to the BC.Game page customised for your region. There, you can access comprehensive information detailing the bonuses available in your specific area.

📅 Do BC.Game bonuses have expiration dates?

Certain BC.Game bonuses may have a stipulated time frame. It is essential to review the terms and conditions associated with each BC.Game bonus to ascertain the precise expiration date, if applicable.

🔣 Do I need a BC.Game bonus code to claim the welcome bonus?

No, you don’t need any bonus code to claim the welcome bonus. Simply sign up and fulfil the requirements to receive the BC.Game bonus instantly.

✅ How can I verify the validity of a BC.Game promo code?

If you’re trying to claim a specific offer with a BC.Game promo code, ensure that you only utilise a promo code that is obtained from the official website or reliable partners.

Further Rewards and Loyalty: Enjoy More of Your BC.Game Experience

Aside from bonus, BC.Game grants players extra rewards and a sort of loyalty program that will take your gaming experience to the next level. We mentioned them in our BC.Game review, but will get more in detail in them here:

BC.Game Medals

BC.Game doesn’t exactly have a traditional VIP program, but it does have a fun way to be active on the site through a Medals system. In it, you can earn medals as a regular player who constantly bets or participates on the site. For example, to earn the achievement The Fearless One, you need to lose 5 BTC worth of coins in a single day, or for Talkative, you need to spend 200 days active in the chatrooms.

Now these medals come with their own rewards in BCD. The more medals you collect, the more you win! Check out the potential BCD bonuses per amount of medals you win below:

Medals to WinBonus Reward
5 Medals20 BCD
10 Medals800 BCD
15 Medals2400 BCD
20 Medals10,000 BCD

Sports Club

Apart from the Medals system, BC.Game also has a Sports Club designed to reward frequent bettors with cashback up to $150 per week. How much you get will ultimately depend on how much you are betting per week. Your rewards are paid out in BTC and fiat currency, but you have to wager quite a lot to qualify – the ranges we’ve been able to find are:

  • Wager $500 or more for $5
  • Wager $2,500 or more for $30
  • Wager $5,000 or more for  $70
  • Wager $10,000 or more for $150

The cashback is not exactly the highest value reward you can receive for what you have to wager, but if you’re betting anyway, it’s a nice simple perk to know about.

General Promos on Site

Daily Surprises

BC.Game offers a daily reward. The “Chat box offers” surprises each time you log into the platform, from daily login bonuses to special offers. Such small things can help you enjoy your journey much more.

Short Term Promotions

Cashback, free bet offers, or particular challenges are examples of short term promos they give to their clients regularly. These promotions do not require a BC.Game bonus code adds a touch of anticipation and makes your betting hours feel fresh.

Exclusive Tournaments has exclusive tournaments for players to use their skills against other punters with similar interests and strategies. Explore the Quest Hub for daily and weekly challenges in sports events, and don’t miss the ‘Catch Coco’ event. Keep an eye out for the BC.Game mascot, Coco, anywhere on the site – catch it to win exclusive BCD/fiat rewards.

Tailored Offers

BC.Game is proud to meet players’ preferences by giving personalised offers matching your game’s choice and play style.

BC.GAME Sports Bonus

Overviewing BC.Game’s Deposit Offer without a BC.Game Bonus Code

BC.Game Sport Mobile
Try sports betting at BC.Game
BC.Game sports sponsoring
BC.Game sports sponsoring

The BC.Game promo allows players to receive a total bonus of up to 360% for up to four deposits. These bonuses are credited to your account using cryptocurrencies; the BC crypto coin is known as BC Dollar (BCD). The percentage of bonus deposits you receive increases as you progress from your first to fourth deposit.

If you’re consistent with the deposits, by the fourth deposit, when you have completed the 360% match bonus, you can claim up to 100,000 BCD that can technically be used on any sports events on the platform. Curious to see how that played out for our team? Read on.

Putting the BC.Game Sign-Up Bonus to the Test

Starting at BC.Game is probably one of the most straightforward processes compared to other bookmakers, mainly because their platform is modern and very UX-driven. So, after we signed up, we deposited our initial amount. Qualifying deposits trigger the bonus, so receiving the first 180% match bonus was no problem and we used it to bet on tennis and soccer.

We then opted for the remaining deposits and in all cases we quickly received the funds onto our account. However, although you get your bonus funds, you will notice that they are locked away. As we placed bets we could see funds becoming ‘unlocked’ and over time we imagine all will become available.

Withdrawal Process for Welcome Bonuses at BC.Game

Once you have wagered your deposit and the bonus amount you received x40, the cryptocurrencies from the deposit bonus winnings are eligible for withdrawal and can be used as desired.

The withdrawal process is straightforward:

  1. Retrieve the crypto wallet address where you want your cryptocurrencies to be sent.
  2. Copy the wallet address, then open your BC.Game account and navigate to the “Withdraw” tab.
  3. Paste your crypto wallet address in the specified field.
  4. Enter the amount you wish to withdraw and click “Confirm.” You will be prompted to enter the code if you have two-factor authentication. Enter it and confirm your withdrawal.

The withdrawal process typically takes less than 5 min before the funds reach your cryptocurrency wallet address.

Traps to Avoid When Making BC.Game Bonus Claims

First, it is essential to always read the terms and conditions before taking up an offer. This will inform you about what is needed and save you from unpleasant surprises.

Also, remember to avoid using a bonus code when unnecessary – most rewards only require opting into an offer or making a qualified deposit. Inserting a bonus code may accidentally activate an offer you weren’t anticipating on using. You should also ensure that your deposit meets the minimum limit requirement, which is when they will offer you a bonus.

Avoid claiming multiple deposit bonuses simultaneously, as this could result in complications. The platform may only acknowledge one bonus, leading to delays in resolving the issue with the support team.

You should also be aware that all four deposits need to be made within the first month of your account being open on the site – any deposits made after this time won’t count in the accumulating deposit percentage match offer.

Verdict - Is the Welcome Offer a Good Deal?

So, to sum up, the BC.Game welcome package really stands out compared to what other sites offer because it has a second, third, and fourth deposit bonus, offering the potential for large sums of bonus funds to be unlocked, whereas most other bonuses might only reward you up to just two deposits. What’s better is you don’t even need a BC.Game promo code, and there’s no tight time limit to use your bonus. This setup lets you focus on your betting game rather than getting tangled up in rules. But, remember, as exciting as this deal is, it’s smart to be cautious with it. Don’t let the excitement of a big bonus cloud your judgement. Give it a try and have fun!

Understanding the Significance of BC.Game Bonuses

The BC.Game welcome package which could reach a whopping total of 100,000BCD is nothing like we’ve seen before and sets a new standard in the industry. It allows you to extend your playing without wagering more of your own cash. Whether you’re new to online sports betting or a seasoned pro, the BC.Game bonus adds extra excitement for your first experience with this bookmaker. However, with wagering requirements of 40x, it might take some time for you to roll over your bonus funds, so keep that in mind when placing your qualifying deposits.

If the welcome bonus sounds a bit too much for you, don’t forget that there are other bonuses to take advantage of, from short term promos and daily surprises to a sports wagering club and a medals system. Create an account on the bookie and use your skills and tactics to make the most of these offers and embark on an exciting betting adventure.

BC.Game Bonus Review FAQ

🤔 What bonus offers do BC.Game provide?

BC.Game provides many promotions, including welcome bonuses and a VIP program. To stay informed about the latest offers, check the dynamic banners on the website for up-to-date information.

💼 How can I claim the sign-up bonus at BC.Game?

To claim the sign-up bonus, the only thing you need to do is register an account and make a deposit of at least $10, and you will have the bonus relevant to the number of deposits you have made.

🔐 Is the BC.Game sign-up bonus a scam or is it legit?

Having tested it firsthand, we can confirm that the BC.Game bonus is genuine. 

🔄 Can I get BC.Game welcome package if I already have an account?

No, the welcome bonus is only for new users registering on the platform. Bettors that already have an account can opt for other promotions like the VIP program.

💰 In what events can I use the BC.Game deposit bonus?

The deposit bonus can be used in multiple markets, including in football, tennis, NBA, and eSports events.

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