About Brazil Série A

Brazil Série A Championship, known as Campeonato Brasileiro, is the top division of Brazilian football played between May & December and you can find all the latest betting odds on all Brazil Campeonato Brasileiro matches across OddsPortal.com.

Série A draw is packed with matches as twenty teams fight it out for the Brazil Campeonato Brasileiro title in thirty-eight rounds offering a big choice of Brazil Campeonato Brasileiro betting odds comparison.

Flamengo, Fluminense and Botafogo, all from Rio de Janeiro, and Sao Paulo rank among the best and most successful Campeonato Brasileiro teams with the shortest Campeonato Brasileiro betting odds comparison on winning the league each year.

Brazilian soccer follows standard European leagues rules in a single table with all teams playing home/away matches against each other, this format has only been in place since 2003. The team that finishes top of the table lifts the Série A trophy and is crowned the champion.

Winning Série A ensures qualification for the Copa Libertadores. Teams placed second, third and fourth qualify for the Copa Libertadores play-off. Last four teams are relegated to Serie B, Campeonato Brasileiro B.

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