Primera Division Results & Historical Odds

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- Apertura1X2B's
Defensor Sp. - Sud America1:1---15
Juventud - River Plate0:3---15
- Apertura1X2B's
CA Cerro - Danubio2:0---15
Fenix - Wanderers2:1---15
Rentistas - Rampla Juniors0:2---15
- Apertura1X2B's
Penarol - Atenas4:1---15
- Apertura1X2B's
Rampla Juniors - Club Nacional0:2---15
Atenas - Fenix3:0---15
Racing Montevideo - Defensor Sp.1:6---15
River Plate - CA Cerro3:0---15
Sisley - Juventud0:3---15
Wanderers - Rentistas3:2---15
- Apertura1X2B's
Danubio - Penarol1:1---15
Sud America - Tacuarembo2:1---15
- Apertura1X2B's
Penarol - River Plate3:1---15
Fenix - Danubio0:0---15
Juventud - Sud America1:3---15
Rampla Juniors - Racing Montevideo1:2---15
Rentistas - Atenas0:3---15
Tacuarembo - Defensor Sp.1:4---15
- Apertura1X2B's
Club Nacional - Wanderers2:0---15
CA Cerro - Sisley0:0---15
- Apertura1X2B's
River Plate - Fenix3:1---15
- Apertura1X2B's
Atenas - Club Nacional0:2---14
Danubio - Rentistas0:3---14
Defensor Sp. - Juventud2:0---14
Wanderers - Rampla Juniors0:1---14
Racing Montevideo - Tacuarembo1:0---14
- Apertura1X2B's
Sisley - Penarol1:1---14
Sud America - CA Cerro0:0---14
- Apertura1X2B's
Club Nacional - Danubio3:0---15
CA Cerro - Defensor Sp.0:3---15
Fenix - Sisley1:0---15
Juventud - Tacuarembo4:2---15
- Apertura1X2B's
Rampla Juniors - Atenas4:2---15
Wanderers - Racing Montevideo2:3---15
Rentistas - River Plate2:0---15
- Apertura1X2B's
Penarol - Sud America1:1---15
- Apertura1X2B's
Atenas - Wanderers1:0---15
River Plate - Club Nacional1:3---15
Sisley - Rentistas2:0---15
Tacuarembo - CA Cerro4:0---15
Racing Montevideo - Juventud1:1---15
- Apertura1X2B's
Danubio - Rampla Juniors5:0---15
Defensor Sp. - Penarol0:0---15
Sud America - Fenix2:2---15
- Apertura1X2B's
Penarol - Tacuarembo2:0---15
CA Cerro - Juventud1:3---15
Rentistas - Sud America3:1---15
Wanderers - Danubio4:1---15

About Uruguay Primera Division

Uruguay Primera Division was an amateur league in the first third of the twentieth century and was only established as fully professional in 1932. Uruguay Primera Division betting odds can be found across

Uruguay Primera Division draw is divided into two tournaments, Uruguay Apertura and Uruguay Clausura (Opening and Closure). Team that wins both Apertura and Clausura is crowned Uruguay Primera Division champion and qualifies for Copa Libertadores. If there are two different teams winning Uruguay Apertura and Uruguay Clausura they will play in a one-off final. In case of a draw the final is replayed.

Uruguay Primera Division final is widely recognized as the biggest match of the season and the Uruguay Primera Division betting odds on the match are very competitive. Match winner is crowned Uruguay Primera Division champion and qualifies for Copa Libertadores.

Peñarol and Nacional are the two most successful Uruguay Soccer Primera Division teams as they have won nearly all Uruguay Primera Division titles between them. Defensor Sporting, Danubio and Central Español are the closest rivals offering good value pre-season Uruguay Primera Division betting odds.

Uruguay Primera Division has accommodated to European standards in 2005 and its fixtures list has been played in an autumn-spring scenario.

Help for Odds Archive page: This page serves to display archive odds / historical odds of Primera Division which is sorted in Uruguay category of OddsPortal odds comparison service. Find out what chances and odds the teams had in historical matches, browse through historical odds archive of previous matches in Primera Division. Odds Portal makes evidence of highest or lowest odds, opening and closing odds and average / highest values for Primera Division archive matches.


Uruguay (Soccer)

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