Primera Division 2013 Results & Historical Odds

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- Second stage1X2B's
Inti Gas Deportes - León de Huánuco1:1---13
U. San Martin - Juan Aurich2:2---13
Jose Galvez - Cienciano1:0---14
- Second stage1X2B's
Pacifico - FBC Melgar1:1---14
- Second stage1X2B's
Alianza Lima - Garcilaso2:1---14
- Second stage1X2B's
Cienciano - U. de Deportes1:1---14
Sport Huancayo - Sporting Cristal2:1---14
Juan Aurich - Inti Gas Deportes3:1---14
- Second stage1X2B's
Cesar Vallejo - Unión Comercio0:0---14
León de Huánuco - U. San Martin2:1---14
- Second stage1X2B's
Cajamarca - Jose Galvez1:0---14
- Second stage1X2B's
Alianza Lima - Pacifico3:0---14
- Second stage1X2B's
Cajamarca - Inti Gas Deportes1:0---13
Juan Aurich - León de Huánuco5:0---11
FBC Melgar - Sporting Cristal0:0---14
- Second stage1X2B's
Cesar Vallejo - Alianza Lima3:0---14
Cienciano - U. San Martin1:0---13
Sport Huancayo - Unión Comercio1:3---14
- Second stage1X2B's
Pacifico - Garcilaso2:1---14
- Second stage1X2B's
U. San Martin - U. de Deportes0:0---13
- Second stage1X2B's
León de Huánuco - Cajamarca1:2---13
Jose Galvez - Juan Aurich0:2---13
- Second stage1X2B's
Sporting Cristal - Cesar Vallejo2:0---13
Garcilaso - Sport Huancayo1:1---13
Unión Comercio - FBC Melgar0:2---13
- Second stage1X2B's
Inti Gas Deportes - Cienciano2:2---14
- Second stage1X2B's
Jose Galvez - U. San Martin2:2---13
- Second stage1X2B's
Sport Huancayo - Alianza Lima1:1---13
Cienciano - León de Huánuco1:0---13
Sporting Cristal - Unión Comercio0:1---13
U. de Deportes - Inti Gas Deportes3:1---13
- Second stage1X2B's
FBC Melgar - Garcilaso0:0---13
- Second stage1X2B's
Cajamarca - Juan Aurich1:1---14
Pacifico - Cesar Vallejo1:2---14
- Second stage1X2B's
Sporting Cristal - Alianza Lima1:0---14
FBC Melgar - Cesar Vallejo1:1---14
- Second stage1X2B's
Cajamarca - U. San Martin3:3---14
Juan Aurich - Cienciano3:0---14
Alianza Lima - FBC Melgar2:0---14
- Second stage1X2B's
León de Huánuco - U. de Deportes1:0---14
Garcilaso - Sporting Cristal2:1---14
Inti Gas Deportes - Jose Galvez1:0---14
- Second stage1X2B's
Cesar Vallejo - Sport Huancayo0:0---14
- Second stage1X2B's
Pacifico - Unión Comercio1:0---13
U. de Deportes - Juan Aurich0:1---13
Jose Galvez - León de Huánuco1:0---13
- Second stage1X2B's
Cienciano - Cajamarca2:2---13
Unión Comercio - Garcilaso1:1---13
- Second stage1X2B's
U. San Martin - Inti Gas Deportes3:1---14
Sport Huancayo - Pacifico2:1---14

About Peru Primera Division

Peru Primera Division is the top level of professional football in Peru and you can find the latest Peru Primera Division betting odds comparison across

Peru Primera Division was founded in 1912 when it was played at amateur level only. Peru League turned fully professional in 1951. Teams from the capital city, Lima, took part in the first years. The league, as we know it today, was founded in 1966 when the first non-capital teams were invited to compete in the Peru Primera Division.

Sixteen teams fight it out for the trophy each year. Each team plays forty-four matches as the Peru Soccer Primera Division runs from February to December. With such packed fixtures list there is plenty of option to find the best Peru Primera Division betting odds comparison.

Universitario de Deportes, Alianza Lima, and Sporting Cristal are the most successful teams winning the most titles among them.

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