Pro League 2009/2010 Results & Historical Odds

Soccer» Iran»Pro League 2009/2010
Mes - Abumoslem5:2---3
Paykan - Esteghlal TEH1:1---3
Zob Ahan - Malavan3:0---3
Esteghlal AHV - Steel Azin1:1---4
Persepolis - Sepahan1:1---3
Shahin Bushehr - Foolad0:1---4
Pas Hamedan - Teraktor1:1---4
Saba Qom - Saipa2:2---4
Sorinet - Fajr Sepasi0:0---4
Abumoslem - Persepolis3:1---4
Esteghlal TEH - Sorinet1:0---6
Fajr Sepasi - Shahin Bushehr0:1---4
Foolad - Zob Ahan1:1---5
Malavan - Saba Qom1:3---4
Saipa - Pas Hamedan3:0---4
Sepahan - Paykan2:1---3
Steel Azin - Mes1:1---4
Teraktor - Esteghlal AHV2:1---4
Abumoslem - Sepahan2:2---2
Esteghlal AHV - Saipa4:4---2
Mes - Teraktor3:2---2
Pas Hamedan - Malavan1:1---2
Persepolis - Steel Azin0:0---2
Saba Qom - Foolad1:1---2
Shahin Bushehr - Esteghlal TEH0:1---2
Sorinet - Paykan3:0---2
Zob Ahan - Fajr Sepasi2:0---2
Esteghlal TEH - Zob Ahan1:0---5
Saipa - Mes2:1---5
Sepahan - Sorinet2:0---4
Fajr Sepasi - Saba Qom1:4---4
Foolad - Pas Hamedan3:2---4
Malavan - Esteghlal AHV1:0---3
Paykan - Shahin Bushehr0:2---4
Teraktor - Persepolis1:1---4
Steel Azin - Abumoslem0:0---4
Esteghlal AHV - Foolad0:1---4
Saba Qom - Esteghlal TEH2:1---4
Shahin Bushehr - Sorinet3:1---4
Mes - Malavan4:2---4
Abumoslem - Teraktor3:0---4
Pas Hamedan - Fajr Sepasi3:1---3
Steel Azin - Sepahan2:1---4
Zob Ahan - Paykan2:2---4
Persepolis - Saipa0:2---3
Esteghlal TEH - Pas Hamedan1:0---6
Foolad - Mes0:4---6
Sorinet - Zob Ahan0:0---4
Sepahan - Shahin Bushehr2:0---3
Saipa - Abumoslem1:0---6

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Iran (Soccer)

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