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- Clausura1X2B's
The Strongest - Aurora4:1---14
Nacional Potosí - Guabira1:0---14
Wilstermann - Bolivar1:2---14
- Clausura1X2B's
Blooming - Real Potosi2:0---14
San Jose - Sport Boys4:0---14
- Clausura1X2B's
Aurora - Wilstermann2:0---14
- Clausura1X2B's
Oriente Petrolero - Nacional Potosí1:0---14
Bolivar - Universitario4:3---14
Guabira - Blooming3:0---14
Real Potosi - San Jose1:2---14
- Clausura1X2B's
The Strongest - Sport Boys1:1---13
- Clausura1X2B's
Blooming - Bolivar0:1---11
- Clausura1X2B's
The Strongest - Real Potosi2:1---13
- Clausura1X2B's
Oriente Petrolero - Guabira2:2---14
Nacional Potosí - Bolivar1:1---14
Universitario - Aurora1:0---14
- Clausura1X2B's
Wilstermann - Sport Boys1:0---14
San Jose - Blooming3:1---14
- Clausura1X2B's
Oriente Petrolero - Bolivar4:0---14
The Strongest - Blooming2:1---14
Wilstermann - Real Potosi0:2---13
Guabira - San Jose3:4---14
- Clausura1X2B's
Nacional Potosí - Aurora3:2---12
Universitario - Sport Boys1:1---12
- Clausura1X2B's
Blooming - Wilstermann2:0---14
Aurora - Oriente Petrolero0:0---14
Bolivar - Guabira2:0---14
Real Potosi - Universitario2:2---14
Sport Boys - Nacional Potosí3:1---14
- Clausura1X2B's
The Strongest - San Jose3:1---12
- Clausura1X2B's
Blooming - Nacional Potosí3:0---14
- Clausura1X2B's
Aurora - Guabira4:0---13
Real Potosi - Oriente Petrolero3:0---13
San Jose - Universitario4:3---14
- Clausura1X2B's
Oriente Petrolero - Sport Boys1:0---14
Nacional Potosí - Real Potosi2:2---14
Wilstermann - San Jose0:0---14
- Clausura1X2B's
Bolivar - Aurora3:0---14
Universitario - Blooming4:2---14
Guabira - The Strongest3:2---14
- Clausura1X2B's
The Strongest - Wilstermann3:1---14
- Clausura1X2B's
Sport Boys - Bolivar0:0---14
- Clausura1X2B's
Blooming - Oriente Petrolero2:3---14
Universitario - The Strongest2:1---14
Aurora - Sport Boys3:0---14
Bolivar - Real Potosi1:3---14
Nacional Potosí - San Jose1:4---14
Guabira - Wilstermann1:1---14
- Clausura1X2B's
Wilstermann - Universitario1:1---14
- Clausura1X2B's
Real Potosi - Aurora3:3---14

About Bolivia Liga de Futbol Profesional Boliviano

Bolivia Liga de Fútbol Profesional Boliviano is the top football division in Bolivia and you can find the latest Bolivia Liga de Fútbol Profesional Boliviano odds comparison across

Even though football has been played in Bolivia since the early 1900s Bolivia Fútbol Profesional Boliviano was founded in 1977 only. It still is the only professional sports league in the country.

Futbol de bolivia draw is divided into two tournaments, Bolivia Apertura and Bolivia Clausura (Opening and Closure). Team that wins both Apertura and Clausura is crowned Bolivia soccer champion and qualifies for Copa Libertadores. There is a play-off match to decide who is to get relegated to Bolivia Second Division (La Simon Bolivar).

Teams from La Paz, Cochabamba and Santa Cruz de la Sierra have dominated Bolivia Soccer Fútbol Profesional Boliviano over the years. Real Potosi, San Jose and Universitario are closing the gap for the title and offer competitive Bolivia Futbol Profesional Boliviano betting odds comparison.

Jorge Wilstermann, The Strongest, Oriente Petrolero and Bolivar are the only teams that have never been relegated to Bolivia Soccer La SimOn Bolivar (Second Division).

Help for Odds Archive page: This page serves to display archive odds / historical odds of Liga de Futbol Prof which is sorted in Bolivia category of OddsPortal odds comparison service. Find out what chances and odds the teams had in historical matches, browse through historical odds archive of previous matches in Liga de Futbol Prof. Odds Portal makes evidence of highest or lowest odds, opening and closing odds and average / highest values for Liga de Futbol Prof archive matches.



Bolivia (Soccer)


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