AFC Championship U16 Results & Historical Odds

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- Play Offs1X2B's
South Korea U16 - North Korea U161:2---3
- Play Offs1X2B's
Australia U16 - North Korea U161:2 pen.---3
South Korea U16 - Syria U167:1---3
- Play Offs1X2B's
Iran U16 - North Korea U160:1 pen.---3
Uzbekistan U16 - Syria U162:5---3
Australia U16 - Malaysia U162:1---3
South Korea U16 - Japan U162:0---3
Iran U16 - Syria U161:2---3
Saudi Arabia U16 - Qatar U161:1---3
North Korea U16 - Nepal U164:1---3
Uzbekistan U16 - Kuwait U164:2---3
Oman U16 - Malaysia U161:2---4
Thailand U16 - South Korea U160:2---4
China U16 - Hong Kong U162:0---3
Japan U16 - Australia U162:4---3
North Korea U16 - Uzbekistan U162:3---3
Saudi Arabia U16 - Iran U161:2---3
Nepal U16 - Kuwait U162:1---3
Qatar U16 - Syria U161:1---3
Oman U16 - Thailand U160:1---4
China U16 - Japan U160:3---4
Hong Kong U16 - Australia U160:2---4
Malaysia U16 - South Korea U160:1---4
Kuwait U16 - North Korea U160:3---3
Syria U16 - Saudi Arabia U160:0---3
Iran U16 - Qatar U163:2---3
Uzbekistan U16 - Nepal U161:1---3
Thailand U16 - Malaysia U160:1---3
Australia U16 - China U163:0---3
Japan U16 - Hong Kong U162:0---3
South Korea U16 - Oman U163:1---3
- Qualification1X2B's
Kuwait U16 - India U162:1---2
Pakistan U16 - Sri Lanka U160:0---1
Vietnam U16 - Philippines U163:0---1
China U16 - North Korea U160:0---1
Iran U16 - United Arab Emirates U163:0---2
Uzbekistan U16 - Yemen U164:0---1
Oman U16 - Qatar U164:3---2
Japan U16 - Indonesia U163:0---1
Iraq U16 - Bahrain U161:2---1
- Qualification1X2B's
Tajikistan U16 - Kuwait U161:2---1
Sri Lanka U16 - United Arab Emirates U160:6---1
India U16 - Bhutan U168:1---1
Afghanistan U16 - Syria U160:3---1
Philippines U16 - Indonesia U160:0---1
Myanmar U16 - China U161:2---1
Nepal U16 - Iraq U162:2---1
Kyrgyzstan U16 - Qatar U163:4---1
Vietnam U16 - Japan U161:2---1
- Qualification1X2B's
Saudi Arabia U16 - Afghanistan U162:0---2

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