European Tour 3 Results & Historical Odds

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Taylor Phil - Van Gerwen Michael6:4--4
Lewis Adrian - Van Gerwen Michael3:6--6
Bunting Stephen - Taylor Phil3:6--6
Beaton Steve - Van Gerwen Michael0:6--8
Lewis Adrian - Henderson John6:2--8
Smith Michael - Taylor Phil0:6--8
Bunting Stephen - Van der Voort Vincent6:1--8
Van Gerwen Michael - Pallett David6:3--13
Beaton Steve - Newton Wesley6:2--11
Henderson John - Whitlock Simon6:2--11
Huybrechts Kim - Lewis Adrian2:6--11
Chisnall Dave - Taylor Phil3:6--11
Gilding Andrew - Smith Michael1:6--11
Van der Voort Vincent - White Ian6:5--11
Dolan Brendan - Bunting Stephen3:6--11
Whitlock Simon - Haavisto Jani6:4--11
White Ian - Baxter Ronnie6:5--11
Van Gerwen Michael - Artut Jyhan6:0--11
Taylor Phil - Caris Magnus6:0--11
Lewis Adrian - Smith Andy6:3--11
Huybrechts Kim - Nicholson Paul6:1--11
Dolan Brendan - Shepherd Kirk6:4--11
Wright Peter - Henderson John5:6--11
Chisnall Dave - West Steve6:3--11
Beaton Steve - Douglas Steve6:2--11
Newton Wesley - Komula Jarkko6:4--11
King Mervyn - Smith Michael5:6--11
Hamilton Andy - Pallett David4:6--10
Pipe Justin - Bunting Stephen4:6--10
Thornton Robert - Van der Voort Vincent3:6--10
Caven Jamie - Gilding Andrew1:6--10
Roy Alex - Nicholson Paul2:6--12
Van der Voort Vincent - Webster Mark6:4--12
Smith Ross - Bunting Stephen1:6--12
West Steve - Hopp Max6:0--9
West Steve - Welge Andreecanc.--11
Winstanley Dean - Douglas Steve5:6--10
Haavisto Jani - Hopp Maxcanc.--9
Haavisto Jani - Welge Andree6:1--9
Henderson John - Hine Steve6:4--12
Shepherd Kirk - Hausotter Marcel6:1--9
Murnan Joe - Smith Andy2:6--12
Klaasen Jelle - Artut Jyhan3:6--11
Hendricks Jerry - Caris Magnus4:6--10
Mansell Michael - Smith Michael2:6--10
Van Barneveld Raymond - Baxter Ronnie2:6--10
Hudson Peter - Gilding Andrew2:6--9
Lewis Jamie - Pallett David2:6--8
Huybrechts Ronny - Komula Jarkko5:6--8

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