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- Play Offs12B's
Philadelphia Phillies - New York Yankees8:6--8
Philadelphia Phillies - New York Yankees4:7--7
- Play Offs12B's
Philadelphia Phillies - New York Yankees5:8--8
- Play Offs12B's
New York Yankees - Philadelphia Phillies3:1--8
- Play Offs12B's
New York Yankees - Los Angeles Angels5:2--8
- Play Offs12B's
Los Angeles Angels - New York Yankees7:6--1
Philadelphia Phillies - Los Angeles Dodgers10:4--8
- Play Offs12B's
Los Angeles Angels - New York Yankees1:10--8
Philadelphia Phillies - Los Angeles Dodgers5:4--8
- Play Offs12B's
Los Angeles Angels - New York Yankees5:4--7
Philadelphia Phillies - Los Angeles Dodgers11:0--8
- Play Offs12B's
New York Yankees - Los Angeles Angels4:3--8
- Play Offs12B's
New York Yankees - Los Angeles Angels4:1--7
Los Angeles Dodgers - Philadelphia Phillies2:1--6
Los Angeles Dodgers - Philadelphia Phillies6:8--7
- Play Offs12B's
Colorado Rockies - Philadelphia Phillies4:5--6
Colorado Rockies - Philadelphia Phillies5:6--7
- Play Offs12B's
Minnesota Twins - New York Yankees1:4--7
Boston Red Sox - Los Angeles Angels6:7--6
- Play Offs12B's
St.Louis Cardinals - Los Angeles Dodgers1:5--6
Los Angeles Angels - Boston Red Sox4:1--5
- Play Offs12B's
New York Yankees - Minnesota Twins4:3--7
Los Angeles Angels - Boston Red Sox5:0--7
- Play Offs12B's
Los Angeles Dodgers - St.Louis Cardinals3:2--7
Philadelphia Phillies - Colorado Rockies4:5--7
Minnesota Twins - Detroit Tigers6:5--7
Los Angeles Dodgers - Colorado Rockies5:3--6
Seattle Mariners - Texas Rangers4:3--7
Oakland Athletics - Los Angeles Angels3:5--7
San Diego Padres - San Francisco Giants3:4--7
Chicago Cubs - Arizona Diamondbacks2:5--7
St.Louis Cardinals - Milwaukee Brewers7:9--7
Minnesota Twins - Kansas City Royals13:4--6
Tampa Bay Rays - New York Yankees2:10--7
Baltimore Orioles - Toronto Blue Jays5:4--7
Boston Red Sox - Cleveland Indians12:7--7
Philadelphia Phillies - Miami Marlins7:6--7
Atlanta Braves - Washington Nationals1:2--7
Cincinnati Reds - Pittsburgh Pirates6:0--7
New York Mets - Houston Astros4:0--7
Detroit Tigers - Chicago White Sox5:3--6
Los Angeles Dodgers - Colorado Rockies5:0--6
San Diego Padres - San Francisco Giants2:0--7
Seattle Mariners - Texas Rangers2:1--7
Boston Red Sox - Cleveland Indians11:6--7
Cincinnati Reds - Pittsburgh Pirates8:4--7
Tampa Bay Rays - New York Yankees5:3--7
Baltimore Orioles - Toronto Blue Jays6:3--7
Detroit Tigers - Chicago White Sox1:5--6
Philadelphia Phillies - Miami Marlins3:4--7

About MLB

MLB, Major League Baseball, is the biggest professional baseball competition and was founded in 1869.MLB betting odds can be found across

There are thirty teams competing in the MLB at present with twenty-nine from the USA and a solitary team from Canada. Teams are divided into two leagues, the National League (16 teams) and the American League (14 teams). Each league has three subdivisions (East, Central and West).

MLB regular season and its MLB odds get underway on the first Sunday in April and ends in October followed by the postseason. But before everything begins Spring training takes place. This is a series of practices and exhibition games before the MLB regular season starts proper and lasts almost two months. All MLB teams involved play 162 matches each year in the MLB regular season before it ends after the first Sunday in October. Each match offers a wide range of MLB odds comparison.

Postseason play-offs follow where eight teams are involved. The first play-off round (American League Division Series and National League Division Series) is best-of-five series followed by best-of-seven Championship Series and best-of-seven World Series. You can also find best MLB odds on the series winners with

There is an All-Star Game played halfway through the season in early July where a team of players from the MLB National League takes on a team of American League players.

The New York Yankees are the most successful Major League Baseball team and always are thought of as favourite in the MLB betting odds comparison market.

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