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- Play Offs12B's
Denver Broncos - Seattle Seahawks8:43--15
- All Stars12B's
Sanders Team - Rice Team21:22--12
- Play Offs12B's
Seattle Seahawks - San Francisco 49ers23:17--15
Denver Broncos - New England Patriots26:16--15
- Play Offs12B's
Denver Broncos - San Diego Chargers24:17--15
Carolina Panthers - San Francisco 49ers10:23--15
New England Patriots - Indianapolis Colts43:22--15
- Play Offs12B's
Seattle Seahawks - New Orleans Saints23:15--15
- Play Offs12B's
Green Bay Packers - San Francisco 49ers20:23--15
Cincinnati Bengals - San Diego Chargers10:27--15
Philadelphia Eagles - New Orleans Saints24:26--15
- Play Offs12B's
Indianapolis Colts - Kansas City Chiefs45:44--15
Dallas Cowboys - Philadelphia Eagles22:24--15
Arizona Cardinals - San Francisco 49ers20:23--15
Chicago Bears - Green Bay Packers28:33--14
New England Patriots - Buffalo Bills34:20--15
New Orleans Saints - Tampa Bay Buccaneers42:17--15
Oakland Raiders - Denver Broncos14:34--15
San Diego Chargers - Kansas City Chiefs27:24 OT--15
Seattle Seahawks - St. Louis Rams27:9--15
Atlanta Falcons - Carolina Panthers20:21--15
Cincinnati Bengals - Baltimore Ravens34:17--15
Indianapolis Colts - Jacksonville Jaguars30:10--15
Miami Dolphins - New York Jets7:20--15
Minnesota Vikings - Detroit Lions14:13--15
New York Giants - Washington Redskins20:6--15
Pittsburgh Steelers - Cleveland Browns20:7--15
Tennessee Titans - Houston Texans16:10--15
San Francisco 49ers - Atlanta Falcons34:24--15
Philadelphia Eagles - Chicago Bears54:11--15
Baltimore Ravens - New England Patriots7:41--15
Green Bay Packers - Pittsburgh Steelers31:38--15
San Diego Chargers - Oakland Raiders26:13--15
Detroit Lions - New York Giants20:23 OT--15
Seattle Seahawks - Arizona Cardinals10:17--15
Buffalo Bills - Miami Dolphins19:0--15
Carolina Panthers - New Orleans Saints17:13--15
Cincinnati Bengals - Minnesota Vikings42:14--15
Houston Texans - Denver Broncos13:37--15
Jacksonville Jaguars - Tennessee Titans16:20--15
Kansas City Chiefs - Indianapolis Colts7:23--15
New York Jets - Cleveland Browns24:13--15
St. Louis Rams - Tampa Bay Buccaneers23:13--15
Washington Redskins - Dallas Cowboys23:24--15
Detroit Lions - Baltimore Ravens16:18--15
Pittsburgh Steelers - Cincinnati Bengals30:20--15
Dallas Cowboys - Green Bay Packers36:37--15
St. Louis Rams - New Orleans Saints27:16--15
Tennessee Titans - Arizona Cardinals34:37 OT--15
Oakland Raiders - Kansas City Chiefs31:56--15

About NFL

The NFL is the best professional football league and is the number one sport in the United States. The National Football League was formed back in 1920 when eleven NFL teams took part in than called American Professional Football Association. Comes 1922 and the National Football League changed its name to as we know it nowadays - National Football League. You can find all the latest betting odds comparison on all NFL matches across

There are thirty-two teams competing in the NFL at present with each team allowed to have up to fifty-three players on their roster. Teams are divided into two conferences, the American Football Conference (AFC) and National Football Conference (NFC). Each conference has four groups of four teams. Each match offers a wide range of NFL odds comparison.

The NFL consists of regular season, when each team plays sixteen matches in a seventeen week schedule, and the play-offs offering great value NFL odds. The NFL regular season betting starts in September and runs weekly until either late December or early January. Six teams from each NFL conference play it out in the play-off with the two best teams fighting it out for the championship game, know to everyone as Super Bowl. The final stages of the NFL always deliver some shocks with big NFL odds value.

There is a maximum amount each team may spend on players every year. It all happens in April when the NFL Draft takes place. Teams are ranked in reverse order when selecting their new players with the lowest placed team in previous season having the advantage of the first pick.

Green Bay Packers are the most successful team in the NFL.

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